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UFO subculture and its irrational promotion of extraterrestrial hypothesis

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1) ANNOUNCEMENT....(lecture on November 2, 2011 in Rio Rancho, New Mexico for Senior Citizens of Meadowlark Senior Center):



Here is an important message from our colleague, Tomas Scolarici regarding UFO Subculture:


Many ufologists like Dr. Jaques Vallee and the writer of this text (Tomas Scolarici).....(count me in, too*), affirm the obvious: there are no evidences about the extraterrestrial origin of the UFO phenomenon.

UFOs are a rare phenomenon whose nature and origin remains unknown.

Contactees, deluded mystics, pseudo-scientists and professional charlatans, again and again give us class B science fiction as a fact.

The messages of the self proclaimed contactees are just a blend of New Age and pseudo-psychological rhetoric with no value at all.

The ET hypothesis is basically irrational and doesn’t resist any logical test.
Nothing valuable comes from these “aliens” at all.

Presumably these cosmic civilizations came to our planet to play hide and seek and talk some theosophical nonsense.

Of course we must recognize that the whole nonsensical and old-fashioned ET hypothesis gives some humans the real possibility of making a living selling books, lectures and recycled “wisdom”.

Rational ufologists consider the UFO phenomenon as it presents to our perception, and more important, analyze the so called UFO subculture and its metaphors.

The UFO subculture teaches us nothing about extraterrestrial life, but a lot about us, human beings.




Another short item by Tomas Scolarici:



The word Ufology ends with the suffix "logy", defined as “a branch of learning, a study of a particular subject.”
The whole word UFOLOGY means learning and studying the … (entity???) called Unidentified Flying Object.

Now, deconstructing our own neologisms, Ufology means learning and studying something unknown, consequently the word itself is an oxymoronic contradiction, because we cannot study something that is not only unknown but whose existence is not evident.

How can we learn about something that perhaps doesn’t exist?

Yes…yes I know that some of you will remember the word Theology which defines a “science” that pretends to investigate someone or something whose existence is non-evident and unproved, but precisely, in this contradiction, we find the key, the answer to our doubts..!

Theology only exists as the science of what people say about the presumed entity called “god”.

Ufology should be defined as the science that investigates what people say and write about Unidentified Flying Objects.

Now, diverse individuals tell us totally different and contradictory things about UFOs, and this is essential because probes that nobody knows what UFOs are (if they are something.)

Also this: Ufology doesn’t look for Truth in what people say and write about Aliens, Flying Saucers and extraterrestrials. That’s because we cannot find Truth in the contradictory and nonsensical discourse of the self proclaimed experts and contactees.


If you agree with all this, you are welcome, and so are you in disagreement.
By the way, I don’t believe that governments, cabals and intelligence agencies will spend 5 cents in this big carnival we call Ufology. Enjoy.


This is why, in order to expand our horizon in the study of UFO subculture, once in a while we need to take a look at sites such as the following:


3) ANNOUNCEMENT: New book on Area 51 coming out in December of 2011 (no aliens, no conspiracies):


This is a no-nonsense book written by Peter Merlin, perhaps the most knowledgeable specialist on military aviation history and the history of Area 51 itself.

*Norio Hayakawa

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

To comment on post #3, the announcement of Mr. Merlin's new book.

It seems awfully irresponsible for a "renown" author, journalist, or historian to record the "facts" when he does not posses them or maintains the required ethics in communicating such facts.

In my opinion, Mr. Merlin is a knowledgeable aviation historian, an astute reference technician, and blogger, but lacks credibility of hands on experience in the real world in which he writes about.

As an author, he fails to capture the audience, his skills in communicating dry, dull, facts overshadows his distain for speculation. The basic skill of journalism is to communicate, entertain, and inform as many people as possible. This is achieved by as what "Citizen Kane" taught us. Techniques in Communication / Mass Media Manipulation.

Of course there are boundaries to sensationalism. This is part of what is known as Ethics in Journalism. An expert author or journalist can dance around speculation in order to communicate the facts to as many people as possible. This creates mystery, curiosity, interest, and provokes thought, input, involvement, feedback, knowledge, truth, and growth. Without that skill, he will greatly reduce the numbers in his audience, defeating his very purpose, wasting paper and ink.

Mr. Merlin takes no qualms in dissecting every letter in Ms. Jacobsen's book Area 51. Which has put fuel to the fire in the reviews to her book. Which according to the laws of journalism, is unethical. He should not have done that.

Ms. Jacobsen clearly states that the contents of her book is based on the interviews of the personnel who worked in those programs. It is not something she speculated about in her mind. So why then, all the flak? Did she hit a nerve that the dis-informants want to keep hidden?

I think yes, because of their obviously overreaction of a silly, 64 year old, second hand account, by a very old Defense Department worker who was most likely exposed to acutely effecting toxins from past secret defense weapons experiments. Come on people, get real about it!

I have yet to read his books by mere fact that he fails to acknowledge all the facts which have been declassified in his beloved subjects. He is and has been hiding declassified facts about the existence of these programs. Facts that are of great importance to the citizenry, facts that should be investigated and reported for the benefit and health of the citizenry and the workers who may have been directly exposed to such hazards and toxins.

I did see him on a TV show where the plot was the mystery in finding extraterrestrial spaceships in the remote desert. They brought samples back to a lab for testing only to determine that the metal shard was part of an old tractor. hummmm??

I think if Mr. Merlin spent some actual time working in such a program he would learn that aviation is not all facts and numbers. That there is much more to speculation, and unknown phenomena. He can then capture his audience to best communicate his knowledge. That is his responsibility and duty as a writer and a journalist.

So, you see how Ms. Jabobsen's book is a success. She has communicated facts and opinions to many more persons. Thousands of people will learn of the achievements of the workers at Area 51 by creating interest in her subject. She has also proven that speculation in the subject exist and still plays a role in it's history. People must be really simple minded not to understand this.

And finally, as far as the recording of history goes. Mr. Merlin and his followers only record what they want to believe. They only want the flowery positives to remain as recorded history. This my friend is not "history". The recording of history has a purpose and most importantly it is for mankind to learn from past mistakes. Otherwise it is just bullshit for the purpose of ones own greedy motives.