Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tomas Scolarici's excellent article on Rational Ufology

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Here is an excellent article on Rational Ufology, written by Tomas Scolarici.


by Tomas Scolarici
Sunday, July 24, 2011

What rational ufologists can do.

Question: is it possible to talk about Rational Ufology? The answer is YES.

Let us consider the following characteristics of the UFO phenomenon:

Since more than 90% of the sightings become identified flying objects, the remaining 10% of such sightings are a rare, infrequent occurrence.

After decades of research, it’s obvious for me, that there are not enough evidences to define the UFO as an extraterrestrial phenomenon. Extraterrestrial hypothesis, ETH, is just a theory but not a fact.

This ET meme wrongly suggests that the phenomenon must have an outcome, a finale: the contact between us and these hypothetical aliens.

However, UFO sightings are not a contemporary event but there are enough historical testimonies showing that there were always sightings, at least from the beginning of historical times.

This fact suggests that one of the characteristics of the UFO events is the lack of contact.

There never was and probably never will be any contact between us and the hypothetical ufonauts.

In other words contact is not one of the characteristics of the UFO phenomenon.

In fact the UFO mystery suggests the existence of a program, instead of the activities of biological entities.

In my perspective, the UFO phenomenon “behaves” as a computer program that, of course, we cannot understand. This program is doing his job, no matter what we believe or disbelieve.

False expectatives are negative and futile.

Now, if we consider the whole UFO phenomenon as a program, we cannot expect the fulfillment of our expectations, mostly products of science-fiction models.

Rational Ufology should remain aware of this rare phenomenon that cohabits with us in this planet Earth, and also analyze the sightings and the sociological and psychological impact of the UFO mystery in our human conscience.

That is why we are interested in fantasists, charlatans, neo-cultists and even borderline personalities.

This is what we can do, if we want to learn something about us and about the UFO Program.

Tomas Scolarici


Norio Hayakawa


by Norio Hayakawa:

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