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My skepticism on UFOs and aliens


October 17, 2010

Although some people often label me as a UFO skeptic, I have never been (and will never be) a UFO debunker.

I have researched the phenomenon for more than 45 years, and although it seems (at least to me) that there appears to be no physical, tangible, irrefutable evidence whatsoever that we have ever been visited by physical extraterrestrials in physical UFOs, I have never been (and will never be) a debunker.

The UFO phenomenon and the "belief in UFOs" (as physical spacecraft piloted or maneuvered by physical aliens from elsewhere in the universe) are separate matters.

It is highly likely that the U.S. intelligence communities as well as the military have manipulated (and in some instances even created) a segment of the population's "belief in UFOs" as part of counter intelligence operations. Many defense contractors still continue to create cover stories to conceal or detract attention away from public's scrutiny of sensitive defense programs.
Yes, people's "belief in UFOs" is a very important factor in all of this.

What about alien visitations?

As most UFO enthusiasts have heard already, theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking (one of the most brilliant minds of our time) recently made several statements suggesting that there OUGHT to be extraterrestrial life and civilization elsewhere in this vast universe.

But he also made a puzzling statement (a statement which has not been popular with most UFO enthusiasts) saying that "aliens have never visited earth in UFOs and will never visit earth in UFOs".

Here is what he said: "I discount suggestions that UFOs contain beings from outer space. I think any visits by aliens would be much more obvious, and probably also, much more unpleasant."

"What is the explanation of why we have not been visited? One possibility is that the argument about the appearance of life on Earth, is wrong. Maybe the probability of life spontaneously appearing is so low, that Earth is the only planet in the galaxy, or in the observable universe, in which it happened. Another possibility is that there was a reasonable probability of forming self reproducing systems, like cells, but that most of these forms of life did not evolve intelligence."

"I am discounting reports of UFOs."
So, basically, Stephen Hawking thinks aliens exist somewhere in the universe but doesn't believe any are visiting us.

Stephen Hawking is not only skeptical about UFOs but also about alien abductions.

Yes, it is true that I consider myself a UFO skeptic when it comes to alien visitations.
I was a strong proponent of the E.T. hypothesis of the origins of UFOs up till the late 1970s when I began to abandon that theory. That was when I became a UFO skeptic.
But I consider myself a "healthy" skeptic.
That is to say, my policy is to give an opportunity to any sincere researcher to express their viewpoints, even if I may not agree with them.

Do I believe in the existence of "underground bases"?
Yes, certainly I believe that there may be "underground bases", large and small, in many locations but personally I tend to believe that those are government/military/scientific installations or laboratories that have nothing to do with aliens.
I still maintain that if, for example, the alleged Dulce underground installations in New Mexico really exist, they would most likely be related to the U.S. government's biological warfare research facilities.
However, as difficult as this may be for me to say, I do not rule out anything.

Yes, "healthy" skepticism is very important because it does not completely leave the door closed.
The door must be kept open, even slightly, for any possibility.
I am a believer in open platforms so that people with other viewpoints could freely express their opinions.


Monday, October 11, 2010

Former Area 51 workers eligible for aid.....a reminder again that the people's grassroots movement can count.....Dulce, New Mexico next??

by Norio Hayakawa
October 11, 2010

The following item is not a brand new item, but it's just a reminder again that the people's grassroots movement can count. This item came in June of 2008. However, the applications process may still be ongoing.

This is worth mentioning since this is an indication that we the people can still have some positive effect in justifying the wrong done by the government.

I especially commend the efforts of many individuals, such as Attorney Jonathan Turley (George Washington University School of Law) and citizens' watchdog groups on government accountability, such as the Federation of American Scientists (FAS) that played a major role in bringing this issue to the government.

Not only do we have the right to know how our hard-earned tax dollars are being spent but also the right to know and be assured that all Black Project programs are conducted without any environmental infractions.

Likewise, in the next few years, our goal is to bring out to the public a possible cover-up of the alleged Dulce underground installations in New Mexico (suspected biological warfare research facilities?) (IF SUCH INSTALLATIONS ARE PROVEN TO EXIST) and their possible environmental infractions on Jicarilla Apache Indian Reservation.
See the P.S. note after the end of this article:


FORMER AREA 51 WORKERS ELIGIBLE FOR AID -- Downwinder designation OK'd

by Steve Tetreault

WASHINGTON -- Former Department of Energy and contractor employees who worked at top secret Area 51 base now are eligible to seek health payments available to nuclear weapons workers who got sick from their jobs, a top federal official said Wednesday.

The announcement by Shelby Hallmark, director of the Office of Worker Compensation in the Labor Department, cleared an obstacle that has prevented some former Nevada workers from getting help to battle job-related cancers and other serious illnesses that showed up years after they completed careers at weapons sites.

Hallmark said the Labor Department has designated Area 51, the 60-square mile guarded installation on the northeast border of Nevada Test Site (*now renamed N2S2, National Security Site), as part of the test site for purposes of the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation program.

Initial estimates varied widely of how many people might be eligible to gain payments, form less than a hundred to several thousand.

While the Energy Department controlled Area 51 for much of its history, the secret development of military aircraft and weaponry at the site was performed by Defense Department contractors who are not covered by the compensation law, Morgan said.

But John Funk, a Las Vegas advocate and former test site carpenter, said it was clear to workers employed by Bechtel Nevada, Reynolds Electrical and Engineering Company, EG & G Energy Measurements Inc., and Wackenhut Services, Inc., among other firms, that they were there at the behest of DOE and its predecessor agencies.

Funk said test site employees routinely were sent "over the hill" to the secret base. He said as many as 2,000 former workers may be covered.

"You can call them what you want, but they were all DOE workers", said Funk, chairman of the nonprofit Atomic Veterans and Victims of America.

Labor Department officials could not estimate the number of potentially covered workers.
Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., is attempting to clarify the eligibility question, aides said.

As for designating Area 51 part of the health program, Reid said, "This is very good news".

"I have been working for this for a long time now because these workers deserve a fair shake", Reid said. "Clearly, there are still some questions that need to be answered and I will continue to work to have those concerns addressed".

Hallmark said in an interview that examiners will identify all claims that have been filed to determine if they may be affected by the program expansion. Claims that have been denied may be reopened.

He suggessted former workers and their families who believe they may be affected should contact the Las Vegas Resource Center that processes claims under energy workers compensation act. The toll free number is: (866) 697-0841.

"We also will conduct other outreach efforst to get this information to all affected claimants and to all former NTS employees and their families who have yet to file a claim but may be affected by this change", Hallmark said.

The compensation law covers the Nevada Test Site and dozens of other Energy Department and contractor facilities where workers took part in nuclear weapons programs and could have been exposed to radiation and toxics.

Former workers who contracted cancers or other diseases linked to exposures to radiation, silica or beryllium are eligible for $150,000 lump sum payments and medical expenses. Another part of the program provides worker compensation-style payments for job-related illnesses.

The Labor Department declared eligibility for DOE workers who were at Area 51 for the period between January 1, 1958 through December 31, 1999. Those were the years DOE controlled the site that is roughly 90 miles northwest of Las Vegas.

A land swap at the end of 1999 gave control to the Air Force.

*The Nevada Test Site was renamed National Security Site (N2S2) just this year, 2010.


Some of the potential issues concerning the alleged Dulce underground installations (suspected biological warfare research facilities?) (IF SUCH UNDERGROUND INSTALLATIONS ARE PROVEN TO EXIST) in New Mexico would be:

1) possible cover-up of the lingering effects of the government's 1967 Project Gasbuggy experiment near Dulce, i.e., possible lingering radiation leakage in the region

2) allegations of toxic chemicals dumping in nearby mesas, i.e., Dulce and its nearby areas

3) allegations of some nuclear waste dumping in the region

4) allegations of cover-up of environmental impact from possible biological warfare experiments in the region (possible experiments in bovine diseases, anthrax, etc.)

5) allegations of health problems among some residents of Dulce (cancer, fertility problems, etc.)

and last but not least,

6) allegations of human rights violations

Norio Hayakawa

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Enigmatic personalities behind the initial Dulce underground base rumors

from Norio Hayakawa at Civilian Intelligence Central

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Let's examine some of the enigmatic personalities behind the initial rumors about the alleged Dulce base - how it all started, i.e., 1979 through 1983.

PAUL BENNEWITZ .......owner of Thunder Scientific Corporation (contractor to Kirtland AFB), located right next to the entrance of Kirtland AFB in Albuquerque, NM, presently operated by his sons...............from around 1979 Paul Bennewitz began to witness some strange lights hovering over Manzano underground nuclear storage area, not too far from his residence in the Four Hills area of Albuquerque.

Some researchers (such as Greg Bishop) theorize that he was looking at some tests of Project Starfire (laser-based optical tracking system being developed at that time by Sandia Laboratories next to Manzano) or possibly some tests of prototypes of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) developed by Sandia Laboratories at that time.......Paul Bennewitz later became convinced that those objects were somehow related to an underground base in northern New Mexico near Dulce.....articles on Bennewitz soon began to appear in newspapers such as the Albuquerque Journal and Albuquerque Tribune.

Paul Bennewitz began to suffer from paranoia and was later institutionalized......he passed away in 2003....his remains are buried in Veterans Cemetery in Santa Fe......Paul Bennewitz' sons seem to refuse to be interviewed.....the main reason being that Thunder Scientific Corporation still does business with Kirtland AFB....they sell military grade humidifiers and callibration instruments, many of which were developed,modified and improved by the late Paul Bennewitz.....Paul Bennewitz' wife, Cindy Bennewitz, still lives at the residence, which is located close to the Manzano underground nuclear storage facility (which allegedly was closed down in 1992) in the Four Hills area of Albuquerque.....

MYRNA 1980 she claimed to have been abducted near Cimarron, NM and claimed to have been taken to an unknown underground location......She was at at that time a resident of Eagle Nest, New Mexico......Paul Bennewitz interviewed her at his house, together with Leo Sprinkle who did a hypnotic regression....Paul Bennewitz later on decided that she must have been taken into the Dulce base.....this was allegedly only after Bennewitz begun to suspect that there was a base in Dulce....later on, a Richard C. Doty (who was with AFOSI Kirtland AFB at that time) suggested to her that she might have been taken to an undergound weapons storage facility.

TOM ADAMS......he was investigating cattle mutilations in the late 1970s....Tom Adams first heard about the Dulce base from reading Paul Bennewitz' article in newspaper and other sources from around is alleged that Tom Adams knew "Ann West").

"ANN WEST"......her true identity is not confirmed, although Tal Levesque claims that she is on Facebook with a different name (Cherry Hinkle, who claims that her "half-alien" cat has lived for 29 years).......alleged to have been an acquaintance of Tom Adams...claimed to have drawn the initial pictures of the vats of the Dulce base in 1987, yet claims to have never heard of Paul Bennewitz before........allegedly knew Tal Levesque....also claims to have known "Thomas Edwin Castello".....Tal Levesque claims that she visited him and his wife and also "Thomas Edwin Castello" in Santa Fe......Tal Levesque claims that Ann West is dangerous and is part of the "invisible government"......However, Levesque's claim (that Ann West is part of the "invisible government") could be disinformation.

JOHN LEAR.......heard about Dulce allegedly from "Ann West".... befriended TAL through John Grace (a.k.a. Val Valerian)......according to Tal Levesque, John Lear retouched the Dulce drawings of "Ann West" that he received in 1987......he first came up with his Hypothesis in 1988 about Dulce and also about Area 51....John Lear has never been taken seriously by the UFO community....some people suspect that John Lear purposely throws in some ridiculous-sounding items as part of PSYOPS....he recently claimed that there are cities on the back side of the moon.

TAL LEVESQUE.....a.k.a., TAL or Jason Bishop.......(his real name is Thomas Allen LeVesque....French for "The Bishop", thus his a.k.a.)....he claimed that he worked in Santa Fe as a security person for a private company around 1980 or 1981.....he claimed to have begun contact with "Thomas E. Castello" who, Tal Levesque claims, worked in the same company in Santa Fe......."Thomas E. Castello" allegedly revealed his secrets to Tal....(the secret was that there was an underground U.S./alien bio-lab under Archuleta Mesa, next to Dulce and that he had worked as a security person at that facility).....but before coming out with this "Thomas Edwin Castello" story, Tal Levesque also seems to have heard initially about the Dulce base rumors from reading about Paul Bennewitz....Tal Levesque claimed that he was visited by a tall Reptoid at his home in Santa Fe in 1979......he currently lives in Mariposa, California.

"THOMAS EDWIN CASTELLO".....of course, there are many persons with the same name.....however, a retired Air Force Colonel who claims that he was involved in Dulce, claims that there has never been a Thomas Edwin Castello that was ever employed as security personnel in Dulce.

CHRISTA TILTON.......some researchers seem to say that she came to the scene slightly after "Ann West".....they say that Christa Tilton and Tom Adams were initially partners.....and that she was in touch with Myrna Hansen......according to Tim Beckley, Christa Tilton later on got together with Wendell Stevens.....Christa Tilton was said to have distributed her manuscript, "The Bennewitz Papers" in 1987......She claimed that she was in touch with a Richard C. Doty (formerly with AFOSI at Kirtland AFB in Albuquerque)......Christa Tilton was featured on a Japanese TV program about the Dulce base back in 1989 and 1990.....Christa Tilton flew over Archuleta Mesa and over Soldier Canyon with Junichi Yaoi of Nippon TV in 1989....she appeared on Japanese TV a couple of times....and claimed to have taken a photo of a circular structure over Soldier Canyon, which is slightly SW of Dulce....Tilton, in her manuscript "The Bennewitz Papers" expressed her belief that the whole "Thomas E. Castello" story was a fabrication......"Ann West", in turn, reportedly claimed that Christa Tilton's information was not credible.

BRANTON.......a.k.a., Bruce Walton......beginning in the early 1990s, he compiled a book called the DULCE BOOK....and aslo DULCE WARS.....Walton allegedly got most of the information from TAL...some from John Lear, some from Val Valerian (John Grace)....Tal Levesque claimed that Bruce Walton was incarcerated in 2009 in Utah for felony charges.

GABE VALDEZ.......retired New Mexico State Patrol Officer who was in charge of the Dulce area for many years (from the early 1970s to the late 1980s)......he passed away on August 6, 2011 at his residence in Albuquerque....Valdez claimed that the government was most likely responsible for the cattle mutilations which started happening from around 1975.......he claimed that the government may have begun to periodically monitor the radiation levels of certain cattle some years later, after the 1967 underground nuclear explosion (Project Gasbuggy) which took place about 22 miles southwest of Dulce.....Valdez also stated that the government "staged" several UFO incidents in the Dulce area (Archuleta Mesa, etc.) by use of high tech equipment such as prototypes of holographic image projections as well as unmanned aerial vehicles or remotely-controlled platforms that were made to resemble "flying saucers"....Valdez believed that bio-warfare experiments were conducted at Dulce and that "UFO/alien" stories were concocted by the government as cover stories to conceal various Black Projects in the area.

WILLIAM "BILL" MOORE.....who first propagated (or "revived") the story about Roswell in 1980 when he (together with Charles Berlitz) published the book INCIDENT AT ROSWELL (until this book came out, most Americans had no interest or knowledge about the Roswell incident since it was long forgotten and dismissed as misidentification by the U.S. Army in 1947)......he claims that around the same time that he began to propagate the Roswell story, he was working with Richard Doty of Kirtland AFB and participated in a disinformation ploy to saturate Paul Bennewitz (who was pursuing his independent investigations on Dulce) with false information on the Dulce he claimed in a 1989 MUFON Conference that took place in Las Vegas, NV....however there is no verifiable documentation whatsoever that Moore participated in such disinformation ploy in any official capacity.....except for his verbal "confession" that he made at a 1989 MUFON conference in Las Vegas, Nevada).

RICHARD C. DOTY.....initially with Kirtland AFB AFOSI around 1979, 1980 and 1981......he was not a high-ranking officer.....he claims he participated in disinformation, along with Moore.....again, there is no documentation that he participated in such disinformation ploy at Kirtland AFB AFOSI in any official capacity.....even though Paul Bennewitz' name and Doty's name appear on one or two Kirtland OSI documents because Kirtland AFB invited Bennewitz to testify to what he allegedly was seeing over Manzano storage areas.....later on Richard C. Doty became a promoter of the SERPO PROJECT (which some researchers seem to describe as being a total fabrication)...Project Camelot seems to have bought Doty's story hook, line and sinker......presently he is working as New Mexico Highway Patrol Officer....about to retire in a couple of months.

P.S. 1

The most sane person, surprisingly, may have been Paul Bennewitz himself and Gabe Valdez.
It is quite possible that Paul Bennewitz had long only pretended that he had been "brainwashed" by some within the AFOSI, while he continued to conduct his own investigations into Dulce. But, nevertheless, he couldn't himself overcome his growing paranoia. Another possible scenario may have been that there was a dissension among the AFOSI and an element among the group may have provided Bennewitz with some crucial information on Dulce.

P.S. 2

Phil Schneider was never a part of the initial Dulce base rumors.
He only came to the scene in 1995.
It was only in 1989 that Bob Lazar first came out with the story that there was an altercation between the U.S. military and "alien entities" in an underground installation. Lazar never specified any location.