Sunday, January 31, 2010

My thoughts on life and death as a retired funeral director


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My thoughts on life and death as a retired funeral director

As a retired, long-time funeral director, I can summarize in one sentence (although it seems absurd) what death is: Death is only the beginning of life!!

I say this because just recently I saw a wonderful Japanese movie called "Departures".
It is one of the most emotional and uplifting movies I have seen in many many years.
I highly recommend everyone to see this marvelous picture.

"Departures" can be rented from NetFlix. It comes with English subtitles.
It won the 2009 Academy Awards for Best Foreign Film.
It is a powerfully moving, heart-warming, funny, life-affirming, wonderful humanistic story.
It will make you laugh, it will make you cry and again it will make you laugh.
And, in the end, it will bring you tears of joy.

It will lift you up emotionally and spiritually.
It is an unusual story about an unemployed man who accepts a job as what is known as a sub-contractor to an undertaker (called nokanshi in Japanese) in rural Japan.

The closest equivalent to this type of work (here in the U.S.) is the so-called "first call" company, a company that sends a person or two to make the removal of the deceased, for example, from a residence.
It is a type of work that most people in Japan (as well as in the U.S.) stay away from.

After seeing this amazing movie, I began once again to think about life and death.
So I pulled out my old post (of 2007) and decided to share my thoughts with you all.

Here it is:

-from Norio Hayakawa

Monday, January 25, 2010

Dulce, New Mexico, Bio-warfare and Project Blue Beam


The Civilian Intelligence Network's focus has been on the study of how a segment of the population's "beliefs in UFOs" and "beliefs in popular conspiracy theories" may have been manipulated (and in some cases, may even have been created) and taken advantage of the the U.S. intelligence community and by the military in certain counter intelligence programs and operations.

Here is a re-post of an item that I wrote last year, following the Dulce Base: Fact or Fiction? Conference which was held on March 29, 2009 in Dulce, New Mexico.
This time I am simply narrating my report:

-from Norio

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A 1990 photo of an object above Area 51

from Norio Hayakawa at Civilian Intelligence Central

A 1990 photo of an object above Area 51, taken by Gary Schultz

This fascinating photo was taken by my colleague, Gary Schultz (of Santa Monica) on Wednesday, February 28, 1990, ca. 9:00 p.m., witnessed by his wife, Pearl Schultz.

It was taken near the mailbox at the "mailbox road", near the 29 1/2 mile marker, Highway 375, Tikaboo Valley, Lincoln County, Nevada.

This spot is very close to the spot where exactly one week earlier (on Wednesday, February 21, 1990) I had brought a Nippon Television crew from Japan to try to document a test-flight of an object described to us by Robert Lazar in an interview we had at his residence earlier in Las Vegas).

Gary Schultz took this photo from the dirt road looking due South towards the Jumbled Hills and the Groom Mountains.

He said he used a Nikon Action Touch 35 mm camera (35 mm, f 2.8 lens), exposure unascertainable, 1600 ASA Fujicolor film.

He described this object as possibly an H-PAC (human-piloted alien craft) courtesy of the then existent Project Galileo, U.S. Navy's alleged covert program near Papoose Lake, a.k.a. Area S-4 ("secret saucer facility"), Nellis Air Force Range, Nevada.

My gratitude goes to Gary Schultz who gave me permission to post his historic photo on YouTube.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Air Force designates new names for Area 51!!

This has been discussed quite often in the past couple of years among military aviation aficionados, but the Air Force has given two designations for Area 51: HOMEY AIRPORT and KXTA, believe it or not.


Friday, January 15, 2010

Are UFO sightings at Dulce a bigger story than Roswell?

Here is a thought-provoking article written by Sean Casteel on the alleged Dulce underground base conspiracy:


Monday, January 4, 2010

Curious spot on Archuleta Mesa, north of Dulce, New Mexico

Here is a curious spot located on the Colorado side of the Archuleta Mesa, north of Dulce, New Mexico:

The exact location of this spot is 37 degrees 01'05.53"N and 106 degrees 57'19.77"W, elevation 8443 ft.

I have been to Dulce several times before but I have never been on the Archuleta Mesa yet.
I have also seen the eastern view of the Mesa after crossing into the Colorado side (from Lumberton), but I wasn't aware about this spot on the mesa until last year when a friend of mine told me about it.

It is my understanding that this area (in Colorado) is under the jurisdiction of the Utes tribe and not the Jicarilla Apache Nation whose jurisdiction is in New Mexico side of the Archuleta Mesa.

Perhaps there may be nothing unusual about this spot, but I was just curious so I posted it on a YouTube format.

As long as there is no clear picture of this spot, my curiosity continues to linger on.

I am planning to fly over this area in a helicopter in the near future with some Jicarilla Apache friends of mine in Dulce but, in the meantime, to the first person who could provide me with a clear, close-up ground photo of this spot I will offer a reward.