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The strange behavior of Bob Lazar (alleged former Area 51 "scientist")

from Norio Hayakawa at Civilian Intelligence Central

THE STRANGE BEHAVIOR OF ROB LAZAR (alleged former Area 51 "scientist")

by Norio Hayakawa, May 5, 2006

I am not here to defend nor to put Bob Lazar down. The fact is that Bob Lazar has been categorized as a fraud by most so-called UFO researchers and the public-at-large, although there are still some who hold on to the belief that Bob Lazar was who he said he was and that he did everything that he claimed.

One person that still totally and adamantly supports Bob Lazar's claims is KLAS-TV Eyewitness News anchorman, George Knapp, and of course, Bob's friend, Las Vegas real estate appraiser, Gene Huff.

Is Bob Lazar a total fraud? I am still not sure on this. I still do have some unanswered questions. As for Bob Lazar's timeline, the whole world had already been familiar with Tom Mahood's timeline of Lazar, which he published in 1994.

However, not everyone is familiar with Gene Huff's 1995 rebuttal of Tom Mahood's timeline of Lazar. But, thanks to Gary Sellani, Gene Huff's 1995 rebuttal of Tom Mahood's timeline was once again posted on the recently.

As I said above, personally, I still have some unanswered questions on Bob Lazar:

It was on February 21, 1990 that a crew of Nippon Television Network (NTV) of Japan and I (total of 7) had an opportunity to visit and interview Bob Lazar at his residence in Las Vegas. This was made possible through Bob's friend, real estate appraiser, Gene Huff.We arrived at Bob's residence around 11 a.m., or so, to the best of my recollection. They took us to the living room, which at that time did not seem to me to be fully furnished and "lived".

They showed us Bob's study room, which also did not seem to me to be fully furnished. Yes, there were a few books on physics on the bookshelf and there were computers on his desk.
In any case, the interview was conducted by a writer from a magazine and I was simply there as an interpreter.

The interview lasted about two hours. When we arrived at his house, there were about 5 or 6 men in the house. At first I thought they were simply Bob's friends. But later on I noticed something unusual about some of those men. It seemed that throughout the interview, whether in the living room or in Bob's study room, two men were constantly on each side of Bob. One of them seemed to have a rectangular black communications equipment with him. Perhaps it could have been a cellphone (although this was in 1990).

When we moved to the kitchen area, those two men also moved alongside Bob. When we moved to Bob's study room, those men also moved together with Bob. So we asked Bob, "who are these men?" Bob simply said that, "don't worry, these are just friends". Perhaps this was nothing. But I just thought to bring this up, because that's the one thing throughout the interview that impressed me the most.

What do I think of Bob? I still cannot come to a conclusion. In any case, later that Wednesday afternoon, the TV crew and I drove about 2 hours from Las Vegas and reached the location where Bob had said we would see a test flight of a object arising over the Groom Mountains.

And, indeed, immediately after sundown and after haveing set up the TV cameras, etc. on the dirt road (right next to Hwy 375), Lord, behold!!, around 6:45 p.m. we observed a bright orangish light appearing over the Groom Mountains and made some interesting maneuvers.

I was quite impressed at that time. Around 7:15 p.m., another light came up. In any case, this was the beginning of my real interest in Area 51, before Area 51 was even a household name at that time.

As the years went by, I came to dismiss my initial excitement about those sightings. I came to the conclusion that those lights were a test-flying of our aircraft (such as prototypes of newer black triangular craft) (or possibly, the initial phases of test-flights of UAVs, or "unmanned aerial vehicles", or even "unmanned combat aerial vehicles" (UCAVs), or other remotely-controlled platforms.

As the years went by, I also began to have some questions regarding Bob Lazar. A few years later, I did see a copy of Bob Lazar's paycheck. It wasn't much. Something like about $958.00. Then I found out that Bob Lazar's Social Security Number did not belong to Bob Lazar but to a lady in New York. Also, I began to have doubts on Bob Lazar for his not keeping the promise that he would fly to Japan in early March of 1990 to appear live on the 2-hour Japanese TV program on Area 51. I was waiting for his flight from Vegas to Los Angeles where I was to meet him. He never showed up. Later on, the producer of the TV program said that he got an urgent call from Bob that Bob was not allowed to go to Japan to appear on that program. This was a total disappointment.

Also, later on, I was informed that Bob had kept the honorarium which was a guarantee that he would appear on the program live in Japan. Nevertheless, in mid March of 1990, a two-hour prime time TV Special on Area 51 was aired in Japan (without the live appearance portion of the program) and was seen by millions and millions of people there, when Area 51 wasn't even known by a lot of the American public.

What do I think of Bob Lazar? Like I said, I still cannot conclusively dismiss him totally. He is a genius in science and technology, no doubt about that. The whole world, by now, also knows that Bob Lazar moved to New Mexico in the Sandia Mountains, next to Albuquerque. (P.S. He left Albuquerque in 2008 and moved to Michigan).
He operates his business, United Nuclear,

It is my understanding that he still does some contract work occasionally for various defense-related sub-contractors (not the direct contractors). His present activities also include United Nuclear, his main business.

Was Bob Lazar part of a disinformation campaign? Was he a witting participant or was he manipulated unwittingly in the disinformation ploy? I do not know.

What I also know is that Bob Lazar had a huge debt while he worked in New Mexico, prior to moving in to Nevada. What I also know is that the Air Force did benefit from the belief by a segment of the population (and a push by a segment of the population to promote this theory) that Area 51 was somehow associated with extraterrestrial technology. It definitely helped in bringing about the "laughter curtain" to Area 51, which was needed as a "cover story".

It is my understanding that occasionally, "cover stories" are created by defense contractors during certain projects to draw attention away from or to bring up a "laughter curtain" to discret researchers' scrutiny of such projects. But again, I could be wrong.


In 1991, my former colleague, Gary Schultz and I organized an "Ultimate UFO Seminar" in the Little A-le-Inn (at that time known as Rachel's Bar and Grill). Despite little prior notice on this event, that memorable evening, the entire inn was filled with people. It was standing room only. There weren't any space left even to walk around. The only speakers were Gary Schultz and myself. We did not invite any particular guests, but we were surprised to see Lincoln County Sheriff himself, Dahl Bradfield, seated inside. We were also astonished to see William Cooper (who, later on became a rabble-rousing militiaman and was killed a few years ago in Arizona) seated also, silently listening to our presentation. There was Anthony J. Hilder (a rabble-rousing former talk show host in Alaska) in the crowd. We also noticed that Sean Morton (an unknown enthusiast at that time who later on became a well-known self-professed "prophet" through his appearances on the wacky Art Bell show) was seated. (I am ashamed to say that I myself was a rabble-rouser at that time who also had appeared on the wacky Art Bell radio show a few times!!).

As Gary and I continued with our speech, we were surprised to see John Lear (son of the inventor of the Lear Jet) enter the room. A little later, the door opened again and here comes George Knapp, KLAS-TV news anchorman. Then about 30 minutes later, we were astonished to see Bob Lazar enter the room, together with his girlfriend. There was no space left for them to be seated.

We never expected these individuals to be there. Literally, the entire Little A-le-Inn was filled with so many so-called UFO "luminaries", all in one place. There must have been at least 95 to 110 people there.

Bob Lazar and his girlfriend stood in the kitchen, initially appearing to be looking towards us and listening to our presentations. But, instead, what we noticed was that Bob Lazar was continually laughing at Gary Schultz while he was giving the serious lecture. It seemed as if Lazar was mocking the entire Area 51/S-4 topic as if he himself didn't believe in it. I simply could not understand the reaction of Bob Lazar. There may be nothing to this, but I just felt that his behavior was a little odd.

Two years later, in 1993, again Gary Schultz and I organized a much larger "Ultimate UFO Seminar" at the same place. However, this time we anticipated a much larger crowd so we decided to have it outside during the daytime, right next to the Little A-le-Inn. I believe it was in March. By this time, Gary Schultz became more acquainted with Bob Lazar and Bob Lazar agreed to come to speak.

We requested Joe Travis of the Little A-le-Inn to set up 200 chairs outside. Joe said he will take care of it. When both Gary and I arrived at the Little A-le-Inn the day of the gatheirng, we were totally astonished to see a huge military tent right next to the Inn!

What was strange was that we didn't expect such a large military tent to be there. When we asked Joe Travis how he got that tent, he simply said that he borrowed the tent from the base (i.e., Area 51). I wasn't aware then that Joe Travis had a working relationship with Area 51!! (the fact of which he really didn't talk too much). The base definitely knew that we would be having a large gathering in Rachel.

(In recent times, it is my understanding that the new security cameras at the present day Little A-le-Inn were installed by military contractors, per gratis or not, I am not sure, although Pat Travis said that the cameras are not connected to anything beyond her operation. As you know, it is assumed that there is a fixed camera on Bald Mountain pointing at the Little A-le-Inn's parking lot).

In any case, there were almost 200 people (from all over the U.S. and even some from Canada) at the seminar/gathering. Remember, this was in 1993. Among the audience was Glenn Campbell, a computer specialist who just moved to Nevada from the East Coast. Glenn Campbell, later on, became an Area 51 activist who was instrumental in publicizing the existence of Area 51 base to a much wider segment of society. By the way, when Bob Lazar arrived at the seminar (he came with a couple of ladies), we were surprised to see his Corvette which had a license plate "MJ-12". It was probably his mockery of the alleged existence of MJ-12. That memorable event was covered by a Los Angeles Times reporter. That was to be Bob Lazar's last public appearance.


According to an alleged W-2 of Bob Lazar (found on the Internet), the SSN indicated on the form does not belong to Bob Lazar but to a lady from New York whose first name was Carol and last name Strong:

Whether that "Carol" had anything do do with Bob Lazar's first wife, Carol, I do not know for sure. Perhaps it was a coincidence that her last name was also Strong.
Everybody knows that Bob Lazar's first wife, Carol Nadine Strong, committed suicide in Las Vegas in 1986.
Also, it is important to understand that by 1986, Bob Lazar was heavily in debt from several banks in Los Alamos, NM, as well as from other financial institutions.

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A few words on the late William "Bill" Cooper

from Norio Hayakawa at Civilian Intelligence Central


by Norio Hayakawa
October 31, 2008

My association with Milton William "Bill" Cooper goes back to the summer of 1989 when I first met him in West Los Angeles and my interaction with him went on intermittently throughout the mid 90's. The last time I was next to him was when he was in a closed casket at his funeral service in Arizona. It was quite an emotional day for me.

It was on a typical, mild but clear Arizona morning of November 15, 2001 when a former conspiracy talk radio host and video producer, Anthony J. Hilder and myself, both from Los Angeles and another conspiracy talk show host from Phoenix, Erskine, arrived at the Community Presbyterian Church of a small country town of Springerville, located on a high plateau in Eastern Arizona.

It was around 8:30 a.m. and there was just a sprinkling of people in the foyer of the church. We all drove in to this sleepy country town with my van to attend the funeral service for the late Bill Cooper who was shot to death on November 6, 2001 by Apache County Sheriff deputies in a confrontation that took place in front of Bill's home atop a hill in the nearby town of Eagar. One deputy was seriously injured in that confrontation when Bill fired a round to his head.

We had expected more attendees to the service which was to start at 9:00 a.m. Soon the closed casket of Bill arrived and was set up in the front in the sanctuary. It was not a formal religious service. Before the service started, we had a briefing by the officiating person. By the time the service started, there were around 85 persons seated in the pews. Some of the attendees were from the Midwestern states, some were from the East Coast. A few, such as us, were from California. Others were from other Southwestern states and the rest were local folks.

It was a simple, informal service with a prayer in the beginning, followed by a short biography of Bill, followed by Eulogies and Remembrances by speakers and a final prayer, followed by the recessional of the casket from the sanctuary and a car processional to the Springerville Town Cemetery a few miles away.

There were a total of 8 speakers at the service, including Anthony J. Hilder and myself. When my turn came, here is what I said from the podium:

"The world will always remember Bill Cooper as an egotistic, paranoia monger. Indeed, to many he was perhaps an arrogant, obnoxious, choleric, self-aggrandizing, rude, vitriolic and vengeful person. Perhaps he was all of this and much more. But no matter how negative his personality is described to be, we must admit the fact that he did indeed make a tremendous impact among hundreds, if not, thousands of his listeners, whether in front of his astounded lecture audiences or through his "shocking" radio programs.

I first met Bill back in 1989 in West L.A. when he was just an unknown speaker and where he spoke for the first time at a gathering called UFORUM in which I was a frequent attendee. I was quite stunned then with his hypothesis on the "Secret Government". It really sounded so fresh at that time because unlike most UFO speakers of that time, he convincingly injected "UFOs" to a "one-world government" right-wing flavored conspiracy theory.

I was so impacted by his hypothesis that I soon became a volunteer and helped him organize his first successful major public appearance that same year, which was held at Hollywood High School Auditorium, which was attended by well over 800 people. That became the historic launching pad for his national lecture circuit. And the rest is history.

Later, in December of that year, I even attended the controversial National MUFON Conference held in Las Vegas in which Bill Cooper was perhaps the most controversial speaker aside from John Lear and Bill Moore and others.

The Bill Cooper of then was very much into "ufology". Even in 1991, when Gary Schultz and I organized the first Ultimate Seminar in Rachel, Nevada ( 25 miles north of Area 51 ), we were surprised to see Bill Cooper as an attendee.

I remember quite well when Gary and I had to lead the people to the White Sides hill for a climb to view the base (Area 51), Bill Cooper could not make the climb due to his leg and he was even cracking up jokes about it. He stayed at the foothill of White Sides, without being able to see the facility.

In 1993 Bill Cooper, Eustace Mullins, Jordan Maxwell, Vladmir Terziski, Dr. Robert Strecker, Anthony Hilder and myself, together with a couple of other conspiracy speakers were all invited to speak at the First International Conference on Global Deception to be held in the famous Wembley Arena in London. Because of concerns for security due to the controversial nature of the conference, some of us decided not to travel to England. Nevertheless, Bill Cooper had the guts to go and speak at the conference. I admired him for that.

By 1993 I had completely abandoned the so-called "extraterrestrial hypothesis" of the origins of the UFO phenomena and began to promote the hypothesis that the entire UFO phenomena was a brilliantly concocted, staged and manipulated man-made deception by elitists to bring about certain agendas.

After this, for a few years I completely disassociated myself with Ufology.

I was quite surprised to learn that, later on, Bill Cooper also began to depart from "ufology" and was also beginning to hypothesize that "UFOs" had nothing to do with "aliens" but was a manipulation of the government to bring about fear to create a one-world government.

Cooper began to admit that he most likely had been shown disinformation by the government while he was in military service.

On this point, I truly commended Cooper for his admission. Cooper began to state that he was no longer a "ufologist". It was Cooper who coined the term "ufoology" and I also commended him for it.
We both totally departed from "ufoology".

Here was Bill Cooper at his best:

(As I stated, I also departed from "Ufology", although for me it was a temporary departure, since a couple of years later I began to take an interest in the role of "beliefs" among a segment of the population entrenched in America's UFO subculture......moreover, I also began to acknowledge my mistake in generalizing the entire UFO phenomenon as a briliantly concocted manipulation by the government........I should only have stated that "so far we have come up with not a single, solid, tangible, irrefutable publicly acknowledged evidence whatsoever that we have ever been, or are being, visited by physical extraterrestrial craft piloted or maneuvered by physical extraterrestrial aliens.)

After his departure from what he called "Ufoology", Bill Cooper became more involved in another area of his interest.
However, throughout all this, he kept his tendency to label anyone that didn't agree with him as "agents of CIA", etc. After moving to Arizona, he shifted his focus to the Patriot Movement (the Militia Movement), although in reality he was just a one-man militia, simply promoting his view on the Constitutional Republic through his radio programs to thousands of listeners. This was immediately after the Oklahoma Bombing. I, too, became involved in the militia movement.

I went to listen to Mark Koernke of the Michigan Militia in a large Conspiracy Conference in Palm Springs. I also became an acquaintance of Ted Gunderson, former FBI Special Agent-in-charge of Los Angeles who also became sympathetic to the militia movement. I also began to correspond with the Militia of Montana.

Besides his other numerous negative traits, Bill had an uncontrollable alcoholic problem.

But despite his eccentric, obnoxious personality, deep in his heart I believe that he wanted to be a good person. Unfortunately he brought an end to his tumultuous life by his self-fulfilling prophecy through his violent act. My heart goes out to Annie and the children. (My heart also goes out to the young deputy who was seriously injured in that confrontation. Bill will have to answer to God for that.) May God forgive and bless the soul of one Milton William "Bill" Cooper."

This is how I ended my "Remembrances" of Bill Cooper at his funeral. After the service, we all proceeded in a car processional to the cemetery, under the watchful eyes of several patrol cars, County Sheriff's vehicles and other governmental agency vehicles. It was just before noon that the casket of Bill Cooper was laid to rest at the graveside. The casket was then lowered into the ground. It was definitely one of the most emotional moments of my 20 years of being involved with "conspiratology".

Do I think that Bill Cooper was an unwitting participant in "disiformation"? I tend to lean towards that possibility. However, it is very possible that he became aware that he may have been drawn into such a situation.
Was Bill Cooper slowly drawn into delusional paranoia and may have been manipulated by certain individuals, operatives or certain groups with certain agendas, governmental or not? I do not know.

By the time that his now "classic" book, BEHOLD A PALE HORSE, came out and began to receive attention, ironically, he was just beginning to disassociate himself with much of what he wrote, especially when it came to the subject of UFOs.

BEHOLD A PALE HORSE was basically a compilation of his past military service history, his original speech THE SECRET GOVERNMENT, some obscure and outdated, unreliable information and articles provided by others regarding Area 51 and mixed in with verbatim copying of THE PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION, which many researchers had always regarded to be a fraud, to begin with.

I reiterate. I do not believe that Bill Cooper was a "paid" disinformant at all. I tend to believe that he was simply drawn into and manipulated into being an unwitting participant in this strange world of "conspiratology".

For additional reference on William "Bill" Cooper, please check this site:

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My thoughts on "UFOs"

MY THOUGHTS ON "UFOs" ---- February, 2005 QUESTIONS and MY ANSWERS, from an interview:

You spent almost 45 years of your life studying reports of UFO sightings, interviewing hundreds of eyewitnesses, travelling to many sites of alleged sightings, conducting field investigations, etc. In other words, you were involved in UFO research for nearly 45 years. Is this correct?

"Yes, it is correct. I began to get involved in UFO research in 1960. When I was growing up, my father used to tell me of his sighting of a large "mysterious" greenish object one summer night in 1947 darting across the bay while he was night fishing in Yokohama. He had seen many meteors in the night skies during his many years of night fishing in the bay, but that particular sighting in the summer of 1947 was definitely not a meteor, he used to emphasize to me. With that kind of a childhood background influence, when I became a high school student in 1960, I began to participate in several UFO research groups in Japan.

So you became a believer of UFOs as intelligently controlled extraterrestrial craft?

"That is correct, I became a strong believer in the existence of UFOs as extraterrestrial craft monitoring the earth. I began to subscribe to newsletters and publications of organizations such as N.I.C.A.P. (National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomenon) of Washington, D.C. and A.P.R.O. (Aerial Phenomena Research Organization, based in Tucson, Arizona."

But now you no longer hold on to that viewpoint. Is this correct?

"It is correct in the sense that I am more pessimistic than ever on this viewpoint. It was around 1978 that I began to question the so-called "ET Hypothesis" of the origins of UFOs."

Have you ever been to Roswell?

"Yes, I used to live in New Mexico and Arizona after moving to the U.S., from Japan. To be exact, I lived in New Mexico from 1965 to 1973 and in Arizona from 1973 to 1982 and so I've been to many areas of interest in those states. When I was living in Albuquerque, I came to know several people who used to tell me about the Manzano Storage areas next to Kirtland AFB. I visited Roswell on many occasions. I also visited Whites Sands and the town of Socorro where a patrolman, Lonnie Zamora, allegedly had in 1964 a CE2 incident (Close Encounter Type II, i.e., a close range sighting of a UFO on ground, together with the alleged sighting of its occupant and with an alleged physical trace (burnt 'landing marks' on the desert) after the object flew away."

Do you believe that the Roswell incident of 1947 was a crash of an alien "flying saucer"?

"It is difficult for me to believe that was the case. I tend to believe that the Roswell "incident" was a hastily created diversion (possibly a "staged event") to draw attention away from the public scrutiny of some military project gone awry. I believe that during 1945 (after the end of WWII), 1946 and 1947, there were several prototypes of experimental aircraft being test-flown in the American Southwest, including the Muroc Dry Lake (present-day Edwards AFB) that included prototpyes of "flying wing" aircraft."

What about the allegation that many of today's technologies, such as computer chips, computers, fiber optics, night vision goggles, lasers, thermal imaging, composite materials, etc. all came from back-engineering of items found in the panel of the flying saucer that crashed near Roswell in 1947? In other words, from "aliens"?

"I am not convinced of that. It took years and years of hard work of our scientists to develop these technolgoies. Initial concepts, basic designs and prototpyes of today's many technologies did not come suddenly in 1947. I have a difficult time believing that they came from "aliens". Phil Corso's theories
cannot be proven."

When did you begin to have doubts on the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis of the origins of UFOs?

"Towards the latter half of the seventies. I began to read books by John A. Keel and Dr. Jacques Vallee. They influenced my thinking tremendously. THE EIGHTH TOWER , written by Keel had an impact on my viewpoints. Vallee's THE EDGE OF REALITY (co-authored with Dr. Allen Hynek) also really opned my eyes. Consequently I began to consider the UFO phenomenon not as a uni-dimensional, physical phenomenon that can be studied and explained by traditional empirical methodology. I believe it is more of an ultra-dimensional phenomenon. I even began to consider some the phenomenon as part of "religious" manifestations or "apparitions".

In other words, you do not believe that UFOs and aliens exist?

"I am a skeptic in the sense that I do not believe that UFOs are physical, "nuts-and-bolts" extraterrestrial craft maneuvered and/or occupied by extraterrestrial aliens. The bottom line is that after nearly 60 years or so of the so-called modern-day era of UFO sightings, we have yet to come up with any tangible, solid, concrete, physical, irrefutable evidence that we are being visited by advanced civilizations from elsewhere in the universe. The bottom line is that unfortunately, we can only rely on empirical evidence, and so far there is none to substantiate such allegations."

Have you interviewed many so-called "abductees"?

"Yes, I have intereviewed many so-called "abductees", including the so-called MILAB cases, cases that allegedly involved military personnel. On one occasion I interviewed a lady who claimed to have been abducted by Naval personnel outside Ridgecrest, California, next to China Lake Naval Weapons Testing Center. She claimed she was abducted by military personnel and taken to an underground level at China Lake where she allegedly was tested whether she had any extra-sensory capabilities to locate "enemy" submarines and other weapons."
"In Phoenix, Arizona, I interviewed in length a family whose daughter was allegedly abducted by a hovering circular object in the middle of a hot summer evening from their swimming pool. This allegedly involved time loss, i.e., the missing time elapse syndrome. My belief on "abduction cases" is that the abductees really believe that they were abducted. It could be a yet unknown psychological phenomenon of some type. That is my opinion on abductions."

Have you ever had any personal UFO sightings?

"I've had some sightings of things that I could not identify at the time of such sightings. One night In 1993, around 11:30 p.m., about 5 of us had a sighting of a group of incandescent balls of light that almost resembled a "string of pearls" exapanding and contracting as it travelled towards Edwards Air Force Base. We were standing right next to the fence at a remote radar cross-section test site of Northrop Grumman, south of Tehachapi Mountains at that moment. However, I believe that all of my past sightings probably could be explained through prosaic explanations."

Have you been to Area 51 in Nevada?

"I've never been inside Area 51, if that's what you mean. However, I have seen the base many times from White Sides as well as from the "Freedom Ridge" before those hills were closed off to the public in 1994. The sight of the sprawling base from those two hills was magnificent, to say the least. Moreover, I continued to see the base several times even after1 1994, this time from the Tikaboo Peak, which is about 23 miles away. The last time I saw the base from the distance was in September of 2003. By the way, Area 51 is an erroneous name of that complex. "Area 51" was never an Air Force designation. It was a designation used by the Department of Energy. The correct official name of the base is "an operating location near Groom Lake." And, to my knowledge, there never have been any aliens or UFOs at that location. For a history of "Area 51" I recommend you to go to an excellent article written by aerospace historia, Peter Merlin:

When did you start your investigations into Area 51 in Nevada?

"I began to hear of Area 51 actually in 1987. However, it was not until 1988 that I began to take an interest in that location. For more on this, you can see the timeline of my involvement there in

Have you been to the alleged underground base in Dulce, New Mexico?

"I was in Dulce in 1990 with a TV crew from Japan to help produce a documentary on the alleged Dulce base. We spent a few days there looking for the base (which was allegedly located under Archuleta Mesa, outside Dulce). However, we could not locate any such base, partly because some roads leading to the mesa were closed off, due to snow on the ground. We interviewed many locals, i.e., the Jicarilla Apache tribe, some of whom claimed to have seen strange lights in the night skies and some military helicopters in that area especially during the early eighties, but my conclusion was that there was nothing solid to substantiate any such allegations, despite the fact that we were temporarily detained by the Police Chief while in town and taken to his office, probably because of our extreme curiosity. We also talked with some ranchers in that area, some of whom claimed that some of their cattle had been mutilated mysteriously, especially during the early part of the eighties. Again, however, my conclusion was that there was nothing solid to substantiate the allegations that there was an alien base in Dulce."

Are you a citizen of the U.S.A.?

"Yes, I am a citizen of this great nation, the U.S.A.. I was naturalized in 1976 in Phoenix, Arizona during the year of the Bicentennial Celebration of the U.S.A. I love this great nation and I am proud to be a citizen of this great nation. I truly believe that God has blessed, and will continue to bless the U.S.A., as long as this nation continues to retain its Christian heritage and adheres to the faith and ideals of the founding fathers."

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My "connections" to Area 51


by Norio Hayakawa:

My first interest in Area 51 began in 1987 when I received from a Los Angeles-based writer named Bill Moore a copy of a satellite photo of Groom Lake taken by the Russians. He sent me a ten-page research paper on the secretive military base. I was quite fascinated by it. Subsequently I met Bill Moore at one of his lectures in L.A.

In the same year, I attended a private presentation (which was held at a residence in Los Angeles) given by Bill Steinman who had written a book entitled "UFO Crash at Aztec" in which a chapter was devoted also to the mysterious base in Nevada.

In October of 1988 I had an opportunity to watch an interesting 2-hour nationally syndicated TV program produced by FOX television entitled "UFO Cover-Up Live" in which Area 51 was briefly mentioned.

Also in October of 1988, a researcher by the name of Tal Levesque (a.k.a. Jason Bishop) showed me an interesting ad for Amoco Oil Company that appeared on page 50 of Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine in which it was promoting a new technology based on new composite materials that would "revolutionize" the aviation industry. A weird thing was that there was a full-page color "portrait" of a grey "alien" right across from the page, i.e., on page 51. A strange synchronicity indeed!

In the summer of 1989 I was listening to a late-night Las Vegas radio talk show (the Billy Goodman show, which I could catch in L.A. area) in which an alleged former government scientist named Bob Lazar
was appearing almost nightly, talking about his work at a secret base just south of Area 51.

In early November of 1989 I made my first trip to Rachel, Nevada. When I arrived there that evening, the Rachel Bar & Grill Restaurant (now known as the Little A-le-Inn) was filled with people and was quite noisy. There was a large party given by Billy Goodman. Billy Goodman had come to Rachel with a chartered bus filled with his listeners who were interested in going near the place where Bob Lazar was talking about, even though Rachel was 25 miles north of Area 51.
In 1989 I also attended a MUFON conference in Las Vegas in which a wide array of "controversial personalities" such as John Lear, Bill Cooper, Bill English and Bill Moore were all giving presentations. I was totally fascinated by all these events and personalities. However, those days were my days of gullibility and immaturity.

In December of 1989 I was contacted by Nippon Television (NTV) of Japan to help produce a two-hour special program on Area 51 that was to be shown in Japan. On February 21 of 1990, I took the Nippon Television team to Bob Lazar's residence in Las Vegas to interview the so-called former "government scientist". After the 4-hour interview, Bob Lazar gave us instructions how to get to the point where we would probably see a test flight of the "craft".

At sundown on Wednesday, February 21, the television crew of 8 and I set up several tripods right at the now-famous "black mailbox" at Highway 375 (at the 29 and a half mile marker, the so-called Mail Box Road). We witnessed and documented on film what appeared to be a test flight of "something" over the Groom Mountains. I was totally fascinated by what we all saw from a distance.

Subsequently the two-hour documentary on Area 51 was broadcast nationwide in Japan in March of 1990 and generated lots of attention there, when Area 51 was not even a household name in the United States at that time! That was the beginning of my ten-year span of involvement in the research on Area 51. I really wanted to get to the bottom of this mysterious base.......what truly was going on over there. Are there any extraterrestrial technology out there? However, those were my years of naivete and immaturity.

I began a loosely-knit network called the Civilian Intelligence Network, together with Gary Schultz of Santa Monica. Since then I made countless trips to the perimeter areas, including climbing atop White Sides to view the facility from the distance in 1991, 1992 and 1993. I also had an opportunity to climb atop the Freedom Ridge very early in 1994 to view the facility before it was placed off limits to the public.

In December of 1990 I even organized and led a 25-car caravan to Area 51 together with Gary Schultz and invited an L.A. Times reporter to cover the event. The article written by reporter Shannon Sands appeared on March 20, 1991 in the VIEW Section of L.A. Times.

In May of 1991 a group of seven vehicles that I was leading came under dangerous harassment by a military helicopter (CH-53) on Groom Lake Road.
During those years, the anonymous security vehicles were all large Broncos and the ominpresence of security vehicles on various dirt roads on public land was quite intimidating. We also had quite a number of run-ins with the Lincoln County Sheriff Deputies. At that time Freedom Ridge was not known.

On July 31, 1991, I co-sponsored the first Need-To-Know Seminar at the Little A-le-Inn with Gary Schultz. The Little A-le-Inn was filled with people (standing room only...almost 100 in attendance) that evening. The only speakers at the Seminar were Gary Schultz and yours truly. However, among the audience that memorable evening were John Lear, George Knapp,
Bob Lazar,
Bill Cooper
, Anthony J. Hilder, (even) Sean Morton, Lincoln County Sheriff Dahl Bradfield and a whole wide array of well-known "luminaries" all under the same roof intensely listening to our presentation.

Just prior to this historic event, an interesting "memorandum" was only shown to us by an alleged representative of a group that called itself "COM-12". He had told us that "the base" knew about this event beforehand. The strange memorandum, the authenticy of which we are not certain (which was circulated in print several months after the event) was entitled: Special Security Advisory/Blue Fire.

In those days I was very much into conspiracy theories. However, unlike most so-called "Ufologists", I had a very different take on the subject matter. My belief was that there was nothing "alien" about Area 51, that the so-called "extraterrestrial" connection to Area 51 was just a convenient cover story brilliantly concocted and promoted by the "government" to conceal developments of new military weapons systems integrated with avionics and aeronautics technology. To this date, I still hold on to my belief that there has never been anything "alien" about Area 51 from the beginning.

However, I no longer believe that the government had ever purposely concocted any "cover" stories to conceal their military projects. Rather, I do believe that to a certain extent, the Air Force may only have taken advantages of such convenient "cover stories". Nevertheless, because of my persistent interest in the base, I was categorized as part of the fringe personalities during the early nineties. The early nineties were my years of gullibility and immaturity.

In 1993 Gary Schultz and I organized the first Ultimate Seminar in Rachel. There were about 250 people that came from all parts of the U.S. for that seminar.

Bob Lazar
was the main speaker. He drove in from Las Vegas with his Corvette and his license plate number was MJ-12!! That seminar became his last public appearance. It was held at the parking lot of the Little A-le-Inn under a huge military tent which Joe Travis later on, I believe, said that he had "borrowed" from the base!

It was around that year that Glenn Campbell, a computer programmer from the East Coast had settled down in Rachel to find out what was going on at Area 51, hearing all the commotions about the goings-on in Nevada.
He subsequently made an extensive research on the whole area, and became a major source of coverage in the major media concerning the "secret base".
Glenn Campbell "discovered" the spot known as Freedom Ridge, the view of the facility from which was slightly closer than from White Sides. The rest is history.

Therefore I was one of several Area 51 activists during the pre-Glenn Campbell years, the years when Area 51 was still not a popular "secret" base as it is now.

Towards the late nineties, my interest shifted to more realistic issues surrounding Area 51.

I became more interested in the plight of former workers at Groom Lake who were suffering from illnesses related to toxic chemicals.

In 1998 I organized the first People's Rally at Area 51 to bring attention to the media the situation of the workers and other relevant issues. (the event was misunderstood and twisted by Las Vegas Review Journal: ALIEN CONSPIRACY

The second People's Rally at Area 51 was held in 1999:

In January of 2000, I decided to "retire" from further active research on Area 51. I came to the realization that Area 51 is a vital research, development and testing complex that is here to stay, no matter what. As a proud American who is willing to die for this great nation, my prayer is that the R & D programs being conducted there will be solely for the benefit of the people of this great nation and for all freedom-loving people of the free world. May the technologies developed there stay in the hands of the United States and the free world and not be given to those who may manipulate them for any nebulous globalist agendas.

I met Joerg Arnu in San Jose in 1999 when I was giving one of my last public presentations on Area 51. What a tremendous honor it is for me to pass along this fascinating research on the nation's premier R & D and test base to Joerg Arnu and his Dreamland Resort website:

and his excellent staff.

Now back to Norio Hayakawa's main website:

Public forgiveness extended to James E. Manner, Area 51 employee


Forgiveness extended to James E. Manner, Area 51 employee, who almost endangered our lives in 2001

by Norio Hayakawa
September 1, 2008, Labor Day:

This is to extend my personal, as well as public full forgiveness to James Manor, resident of Panaca, Nevada, who was a former Lincoln County Commissioner and Area 51 employee who almost endangered our lives by seemingly attempting to run over us with his speeding truck as he was on his way to work at the facility on June 3, 2001. It has been over 7 years already after that incident which we will never forget. However, my forgiveness to his actions has long been overdue.

From my understanding and from public records, if I am not mistaken, James Manor is also the president of NEVADA TECHNICAL SERVICES
, a legitimate, seemingly respectable computer-related contractor in Panaca.

Because of this frightening experience in 2001, I am certain that there will never be another similar incident on Groom Lake Rd.

To set the record straight on this matter and to keep this subject as part of valuable historical reminder for future, here is the news article from LAS VEGAS REVIEW JOURNAL (Friday, June 22, 2001) regarding the 2001 incident:

Ex-commissioner drove truck through crowd of protesters
by Keith Rogers

Federal authorities fined a former Lincoln County Commissioner for creating a hazard in connection with a citizens rally staged this month near an entrance to the top-secret facility known as Area 51.

James E. Manner, 59, of Panaca -- who served two years on the Lincoln County Commission before moving from Alamo in 1999 -- is also being investigated by Sheriff Dahl Bradfield. Bradfield is probing more serious allegations that Manner tried to run over some 20 demonstrators from a group that had gathered June 3 on Groom Lake Road, 90 miles north of Las Vegas.

"We're still looking into it", Bradfield said Thursday, about a criminal complaint filed by two of the demonstrators, Anthony Hilder, of Los Angeles and Ted Gunderson of Las Vegas.
In a telephone interview, Manner said he paid a $100 fine for a citation issued by a Bureau of Land Management law enforcement ranger for driving his truck through a crowd of demonstrators at the so-called "People's Rally", organized by Norio Hayakawa.
Hayakawa, of Los Angeles, said the rally was staged to protest the government's lack of openness about the classified facility the Air Force describes only as "an operating location near Groom dry lake".

Manner said the group was spread across the dusty road as he was heading toward the area where he works as a classified government contractor.
"I can't confirm what I do", he said.
"I was traveling the road like I've done thousands of times for many, many years. I come down this tight curve and there was all these curious people standing in the road", he said.
"I sped up a little bit when I saw them. They were upset that I didn't immediately brake", Manner said. "I deeply apologize. I didn't intend to create a hazard".

He said he paid the BLM fine by mail to the federal magistrate's violation bureau in Atlanta, because "I wanted to keep this low-key and didn't want to appear in court".
Manner said he has "no hard feelings against these people. They can use public lands as well as me".
A crowd of 55 participated in the rally in a remote area of Lincoln County. About 20 of them were actually in the road, Hayakawa said. No one was hurt, authorities said.

This story is located at:

By the way, this incident was captured on video while the rally was taking place. You can see it here: It was later shown in the news by a Las Vegas TV station.

Here are two additional articles on the incident:



From my understanding at that time, James Manner was also a computer specialist and was an instructor in the town of Alamo, besides being a County Commissioner and also being an employee at Area 51.
I am not certain if he is still an employee at Area 51, but from my understanding and from public records available today, if I am not mistaken, he is also the president, as I stated above, of NEVADA TECHNICAL SERVICES
, which I believe, is a legitimate and seemingly respectable contractor in Panaca, Nevada.
At that time, in 2001, I was quite immature and was simply basing and judging everything on emotionalism, not really realizing that Mr. Manner, just like everyone else, had a right to work and earn a decent living. On that day he was simply reporting to work at the base. He could have been undertaking an important work at the base, for our national defense. It was our fault for being in the middle of the Groom Lake Rd., although he should have slowed his vehicle down when he saw our presence on the road. I would also like to offer my apology at this time to Mr. Manner for making rash judgments concerning the incident.

Norio Hayakawa
September 1, 2008, Labor Day

Israel, Jews, anti-Semitism and conspiracy theories

I have to admit that about 10 years ago I had written a rather inaccurate, misinformed article entitled "The Re-birth of Israel, Jews and Anti-Semitism".
Rather than being an article, it was basically my expressions of agreement with (and largely my indiscriminate quoting from) what was written in an obscure book written by a Jack Bernstein entitled THE LIFE OF AN AMERICAN JEW (The Noontide Press, 1991), along with some of my comments.
I believe it is time for me to correct my erroneous ideas on the Jewish culture, ethnicity and history.
A kind Jewish gentleman has corrected my inaccuracies and I will quote his answers here.

My inaccurate statement in the article:

"It is important for us to understand that Jews are not one race of people. There are two different groups of Jews in the world and they come from two different areas of the world - the Sephardic Jews from the Middle East and North Africa and the Ashkenazim (plural, Ashkenazi)Jews from Eastern Europe.

The Sephardic is the older group and it is they, if any, who are the Jews described in the Bible. They are blood relatives to the Arabs - the only difference between them is religion. (*These Sephardic or Middle Eastern Jews, the descendants of Abraham, experienced life under four major dominant empires: the Babylonian, the Medo-Persian, the Greek and the Roman Empire)."

CORRECTION (made by a Jewish gentleman):

There are more than two distinct groups of Jews in the world first and foremost.
Sephardic Jews are NOT from the Middle East nor North Africa. Sephardic means SPANISH in Hebrew. Sephardic Jews originate from Portugal and Spain historically, and after Spanish Inquisition, they migrated eastward, mainly setting up in Italy, Greece, Romania, France and Turkey.
During the rise of the Byzantine era, many Greek and Turkish Jews fled north to Russia. The Jews of the Middle East and North Africa are actually MIZRAHIM Jews. Mizrah in Hebrew means EASTERN or Man of the East, as in Middle East.
These are the closest things to the original descendants of Israelites. They are all over, ranging from Egypt, Iran, Morocco, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Tunisia, amongst others.
The Jews from North Africa (excluding Morocco which has its own unique history of Judaism) primarily Ethiopia and Sudan, are Beta Israel Jews. They are close descendants of Mizrahim Jews but migrated out of Israel before the Roman overthrow.

My inaccurate statement in the article:

"The Ashkenazi Jews, who now comprise 90% of the Jews in the world, had a rather strange beginning, according to historians, many of them Jewish. They came into existence about 1200 years ago. It happened this way:

At the eastern edge of Europe (north and northeast of the Black Sea), there lived a tribe of people known as the Khazars. Around the year 740 A.D., the Khazar king and his court adopted Judaism as a religion for their people not because of religious reasons but rather because of political reaons.

Sometime during the 13th Century, the Khazars were driven from their land and they migrated westward with most of them settling in Poland and Russia. These Khazars now known as Ashkenazi Jews. Because these Khazar (Ashkenazi) Jews merely chose Judaism, they are not, in the strictest sense, really Jews, at least not blood Jews".

CORRECTION (made by a Jewish gentleman):

This information is very historically inaccurate. The Khazarian Empire, while it did technically last until the 13th Century, saw its true reign of power last from 600 - 900 A.D. Now that's out of the way, into more pressing matters.
First off this states that Khazars converted in 740 A.D. There is historical data showing that in 321 A.D., Emperor Constantine of the Roman Empire make note of Jewish City Council members in Cologne, Germany's oldest known city.
Thus meaning ASHKENAZI JEWS (which translate to GERMANIA as it was called in Roman times) were around occupying current day Germany, Austria and Poland close to five hundred years before the Khazarians even converted. Also, ONLY Jews from the Rhineland (Poland, Germany, Austria) are Ashkenazi Jews.
Despite popular opinion, Russian Jews are NOT Ashkenazi by default. While some may have Ashkenazi roots, that more has to do with the oppressive rule of the Prussians in the late 1700 and early 1800's which led to a huge migration to Russia for Jews.
It is also a proven historical fact that the Jews of Europe (Sephardic, Italqim and Ashkenazi) migrated from WEST TO EAST not the other way around.

My inaccurate statement in the article:

"At the time (around 1897 when the First Zionist Congress was held in Basel, Switzerland),
Palestine was inhabited by a half million Palestinian Arabs and a few Palestinian (Middle Eastern) Jews who are blood related and who had lived side by side rather peacefully for centuries. (*This is why the term "Anti-Semitic", widely misused today, has no meaning. Literally, if one were to be an "Anti-Semite", it would means that he is against Jews, Saudi Arabians, Jordanians, Lebanese, Syrians, Iraqi, etc. etc., and only Semitic Jews because they are all Semitic people. The term "Anti-Semitic" has become a convenient scapegoat word frequently used by Globalist-Elitists against the so-called conspiracy theorists or anyone who believes that everything is basically controlled and manipulated by a network of powerful and secretive international fianciers (largely influenced by Jewish financiers) conspiring to establish a One World Government)."

CORRECTION (made by a Jewish gentleman):

Another half truth here. The Mizrahim Jews (incorrectly labaled Middle Eastern Jews) lived under great oppression in Palestine and other Muslim countries. I strongly suggest you google the Tunisian Jews and the riots that led to them being ran out of the country. Jews were seen as second class citizens. Jewish households and religious centers could not be built larger than Muslim facilities. Jewish works were severely picked apart and were placed under stricter regulations than the rest of society. I don't argue though the term anti-Semitic does mean Middle Eastern genetics more so than Jews.

My inaccurate statement in the article:

"With Palestine as their choice for a homeland, European Ashkenazic Jews began migrating to Palestine. So when you think of Jews, especially as related to Israel, keep in mind that there is a great difference between Sephardic and Ashkenazi Jews. They are not one united people. They are divided socially, politically and especially racially ( *It is to be noted that there are also quite a number of Anti-Zionist Jews in the world, both among the Sephardics and the Ashkenazi).

Bernstein also says: "Even though I was an Ashkenazi Jew from the U.S., I was placed lower on the list for housing because I had married a Sephardic Jewess. For the first three years of marriage, it was necessary for us to live with Ziva's (*his wife's ) aunt. This was because of the critical housing shortage in Israel and because of racism.
Housing in Israel is alloted as follows:

1) Ashkenazi Jews who have lived in Israel for many years are given the first choice.
2) second in line are Ashkenazi Jews from Europe., especially if they marry an Israel-born Ashkenazi Jew.
3) the next favored are Ashkenazi Jews from the U.S., especially if they marry an Israel-born Ashkenazi.
4) Sephardic Jews have the next choice of whatever housing is left.
5) at the bottom of the list are Moslems, Druze and Christians (*especially Semitic, Middle Eastern Christians, not so much European Christians). Opportunities for employment follows the same pattern: Ashkenazic Jews get the choiciest jobs, Sephardic Jews next, and Moslem, Druze and Christians (*especially Semitic, Middle-Eastern Christians, not so much European Christians) fill the menial jobs with a great many left unemployed".

CORRECTION (made by a Jewish gentleman):

There was some racial divide between Jews earlier in Israel's history but that has quelled a bit. Though the housing shortage and the "rights" of Ashkenazi over Mizrahim and Sephardics are a bit exasperated here.
This article tends to forget to mention that 60% of current day Israelis are either Mizrahim, Beta Israel or Sephardic. The majority of Ashkenazi do not live in Israel, rather in the U.S.A.

My inaccurate statement in the article:

"The bottom line is that Ashkenazi Jews' claim to Israel as their "birthright" place of origin is not correct. The Sephardics (or the Middle Eastern, or Palestinian Jews) are the "birthright" citizens of Israel. But the Ashkenazi Jews are the most militant, have the most money and are able to manipulate the governments of the world".

CORRECTION (made by a Jewish gentleman):

Again, Sephardic Jews hold the same claim to Israel as Ashkenazi as they are not middle eastern as portrayed but a mix of western Europeans and Spaniards.

And, finally, here is my final statement made in the article.
However, I am not certain if this statement of mine is accurate or inaccurate:

"I believe that the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, even though it was primarily effectuated by humanistic, rather selfish, political-Zionist movement and has caused and continue to cause untold sufferings to the people of Palestine, may nevertheless have been a miracle wrought out by God as part of His fulfillment of the prophetic calendar in these end-time period we are living in.

Yes, it is difficult to see all this in light of what has been happening in the Middle East. The Israel/Palestinian crisis will never be solved by human efforts.
According to Bible prophecy, there will yet be major Wars in the Middle East, such as the scenario depicted in Ezekiel 38 and the final conflagration known as the Battle of Armageddon. In the meantime, however, every step should be taken towards the peaceful solution to the crisis.
Through all this, we must trust in God. The Bible says that God works in mysterious ways that we do not fully understand. "His ways" are not "our ways". Many times we do not understand "His ways". His timing is not our timing. But He can still use our humanistic, selfish ways and mistakes in eventually bringing out His program for His purpose, all in His own time and in His own manner".


-from Norio Hayakawa

Strange "coincidences" of the year 1947? and my "numerology" on "51)


- an amusing and entertaining thought
by Norio Hayakawa August 27, 2006, a re-post of my June 14, 2001 article:

The fact that E.G. & G. (one of the main contractors at Groom Lake - Area 51, since around 1955) was established in 1947 has been common knowledge all along. There have been several articles in L.A. Times in the past on E.G. & G. and its founder.

Speaking of the year 1947, I can truly say that the year 1947 was a strange year. It was in 1947 that CIA, the successor to OSS, was established.

Also, coincidentally, or not, the Department of the Air Force was officially established in 1947. Also, coincidentally or not, Edwards Air Force Base in California, one of the most significant bases in the U.S. was established in 1947. Edwards Air Force Base is the home of Air Force Flight Test Center (AFFTC) and its Detachment 3 (AFFTC DET 3), operators of Area 51 in Nevada.

And something important was developing in the Middle East. In November of 1947 the United Nations ordered the partition of Palestine into a Jewish State and an Arab State, preparing the way for the establishment of the State of Israel in the following year, 1948, which led to the First Middle East War. (1947 also, by the way, was the year of the discovery of the Dead Sea scrolls!!).

Also 1947 was the year when something strange was going on in the desert lands of the American Southwest.....

Oh, yes, one more highly important development that took place in 1947 that I omitted: The passing of the National Security Act in 1947 and the subsequent estabslishment of NSA.

And this from a poster on the Internet: "Another interesting thing that happened in 1947 was the "invention" of the Doomsday Clock.
The Doomsday Clock is a symbolic clock face, maintained since 1947 by the board of directors of the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists at the University of Chicago. The closer the clock is to midnight, the closer the world is estimated to be to global disaster.
As of January 14, 2010, the Doomsday Clock now stands at six minutes to midnight; since its creation the time on the clock has changed 19 times."

Again, all of these events that took place in 1947 may have been pure coincidences...perhaps.

As far as what may have actually happened in the desert of New Mexico in 1947.....I am open to the hypothesis that it may have been some sort of a necessitated, man-made, "staged" event that had to be set up and which was conveniently manipulated to bring about the beginning of an "agenda" or some type of "sensitization" program for near future, orchestrated "scenarios".

But I am also open to the hypothesis that it may have been a "staged" event created by an unknown, "ultradimensional" intelligence and intentionally made to appear as physical phenomenon (i.e., I do not believe it was an "accidental" crash but an intentional, "staged" crash) in order to bring about the beginning of an "agenda" leading to a programmed future scenario.

Would that future scenario take place in 2012? Some researchers such as David E. Flynn and Dr. Tom Horn even suggest that the alleged site of the Roswell "crash" (allegedly said to be located near the 33.33 degrees latitude - slightly NNW of Roswell) may be a placemark of time preparing us to the year 2012. They seem to suggest that the latitude of 33.33 degrees is exactly 2012 miles from the equator.

Both of these researchers seem to suggest that the "crash" was a staged event set up to lead us to the 2012 return of the "watchers" ("nephlim", or the "fallen ones"). Could 2012 be the year of the rebirth of the Phoenix, symbolizing the first landing of the "nephlim" on Mt.Hermon (of the Phoenicians), their demise and their return in the year 2012?

Could the "nephlim" be associated with the Mesoamerican entity, Quezalcoatl ("Flying Serpent") whom some believe will return in 2012?

Incidentally, the city of Phoenix, Arizona is also located on the 33.33 degrees latitude. The number 33 seems to be a significant occultic number, according to many researchers. I have always felt that .3333 ad infinitum is an interesting number because it is exactly the ratio of 1 to 3. I bring this up because it seems that the Bible seem to indicate that 1/3 of the entire angelic entities in the universe participated in the Luciferian rebellion and were cast from heaven, earthbound.


I have often entertained a thought in my mind......and it is stretching just a little too far, I know.
But I have often wondered if there are any specific significance to the number 51.
Why did the Department of Energy, for example, initially assign that number to the area surrounding Groom Lake? There is no Area 50 nor Area 52 listed adjacent to Area 51 in any DOE designations. Area 51 appears right next to Area 13, Area 12, Area 19. It is as though "Area 51" just popped out of the "blue". Is there any "occultic" symbolism in "Area 51"?

A few years ago someone gave me a diagram of the Great Pyramid of Egypt. As I looked at the diagram, something struck me when I noticed the three angles of the triangle. The bottom two angles of the pyramid were each 51 degrees 51 minutes.
The top angle of the pyramid was 76 degrees 18 minutes. (Naturally, the three angles all added up to 180 degrees, which is correct).

My imagination started running wild as I began to entertain the thought that there could be some type of "message" hidden behind these numbers.

For example, I have always heard that May 1, 1776 was the date when the so-called "Illuminati" network (often described by conspiratologists as "global elitists" network) was formed in Europe and then immediately thought to have infiltrated into the U.S., just prior to America's Independence date.

Then I looked again at the angles of the Pyramid.
Lord, behold......when I looked at 76, the year 1776 popped into my mind. When I saw 51, immediately May 1 came into my mind. When I saw 18, immediately three sixes (6 + 6 + 6) came into my mind. What an entertaining and interesting thought, I said to myself!

Then when I first saw an advertizement for composite materials (for Stealth Technology) on Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine in October of 1988, I was again entertained by the "coincidence" that the advertizement appeared exactly on Page 51 of that magazine and it even showed a full, color portrait of a gray "alien"!
As everyone knows by now, the first generation of Stealth Technology developed at Area 51 in Nevada.

And just recently, as we pursued the latest incident that took place on Groom Lake Road on June 6, 2001 (referring to an incident involving a Lincoln County commissioner who was also employed at Area 51) "Man fined for creating hazard at Area 51 rally"

- at that time I was still very much into conspiracy theories), I was shocked to realize that the Lincoln County Sheriff's phone number ended in 5151. (775-962-5151).

Of course, this is not too surprising when one considers the fact that the Air Force had in the past given an annual grant of $65,000 to Lincoln County Sheriff Department for overtime and other expenses when they were called in by Security Control at Area 51 to the dirt roads on Public Land to question curiosity seekers driving around the area....the financial records of which are available in Lincoln County Court.

So yesterday (June 13, 2001), just for curiosity, we called the Lincoln County Sheriff Department and asked them since when did the Department have that telephone number. "It has always been this number", said Officer Anna Marie Trousdale. We then jokingly told her that we don't believe it is a coincidence that the telephone number ends in 5151. Then Officer Trousdale replied, "We don't think it is a coincidence either".

P.S. I also noticed a couple of more things. 51% is considered to be the majority in voting. 51 = Majority? (Operation Majority? MAJI? MAJIC? MAJ? MJ?)
The tragedy (the burning) that took place in Waco occurred on the 51st day of the Waco seige!!
O.K. So much for my imagination running wild!! LOL!!

And now, back to Norio Hayakawa's main website:

More bizarre history behind Dulce, New Mexico


Hoyt Velarde named in a complaint filed by former Dulce Police Patrol Sargeant:

Hoyt Velarde was a former Police Chief of Dulce, New Mexico, a Jicarilla Apache town long associated with stories of "UFOs", "black helicopters", "cattle mutilations" along with a secret "underground base/genetics-lab" which has been rumored to exist under the Archuleta Mesa, adjacent to it.

Hoyt Velarde, as well as the Jicarilla Apache Police Department, as well as the Jicarilla Apache Nation were named in a complaint filed in 2003 by a former Jicarilla Apache Dulce Police officer, Phillip Gallegos.

Gallegos himself was not a member of the Jicarilla Apache tribe but worked for the tribe as a Police Patrol Sargeant. He alleged that he had uncovered evidence of possible criminal activity within the Jicarilla Apache Police Dept.

As a "whistleblower", he reported to federal authorities.
The complaint alleged that the Jicarilla Apache tribe was collectively engaged in this illegal conduct.
The tribe then terminated Gallegos from his position as a police officer after learning of this report.
The exact nature of Gallegos' accusation is not clear in this court hearing.
Apparently the U.S. Government sided with the Jicarilla Apache Nation and overturned Gallegos' complaint:

02-2347 -- Gallegos versus Jicarilla Apache Nation -- 11/28/2003

Here is another reference on Hoyt Velarde:
Hoyt Velarde - available information on the Internet

Also, although the following item may not have much to do with this, but, nevertheless, here is an interesting news item of 1998 from the ALBUQUERQUE JOURNAL:


I would appreciate if anyone could fill me in on this incident.
For additional input or comments
* * * * * * * * *
And now, back to Norio Hayakawa's main website:

Dulce, New Mexico revisited - mysteries still remain !!


(March 28,, 2007):

(after reading the following item, please be sure to read the items to follow and comments - very important)

DULCE, NEW MEXICO - On Sunday, March 25, 2007, I finally arrived at Dulce, New Mexico once again, after more than 17 years. It was a long drive from Los Angeles but it was definitely a worthwhile trip. The last time that I was at this "mysterious" little town was in March of 1990.I will never forget that 1990 visit when I first brought a Japanese TV crew, incredible as it may sound, to document an alleged existence of an "underground U.S./alien joint bio-lab" which was rumored to exist deep under the Archuleta Mesa, adjacent to Dulce. While interviewing many Jicarilla Apache locals on the street at that visit, we were inexplicably detained by the then Police Chief, Hoyt Velarde and kept at his office for almost an hour and a half, during which time he had meticulously taken down our personal info, i.e., our ID's, driver's licence numbers and, in my case, even my Soc. Sec. number, if I recall correctly. It was a shock to us then. We had asked him if we were doing anything illegal by interviewing the people, the question to which he never responded. I clearly remember that just before he released us, he told us in a rather warning tone: "Don't you ever ask any more questions regarding such a base. I have nothing to do! with it and I do not want to talk about it!" An enigmatic answer, indeed. That was in March of 1990.

Now here I am once again, in Dulce. It brought me back lots of memories of 1990. However, this time, as soon as I drove in to Dulce, I immediately noticed that it had completely changed since 1990.It seems to have grown quite a lot, not so much in terms of population, but in terms of its physical appearance. There are now so many new buildings, large and small and many modern local community facilites - a brand new Middle School, a brand new High School, a new Students' Athletic Complex, brand new Police and Maintenance Center, a modern Emergency Medical Service facility, and on the south side, a brand new Student's Residential Complex, and, of course, a newly refurbished Best Western Hotel, all in the small community of less than 3500 residents.Yes, it has been many years, so it would seem natural for some growth to take place. However, the question I began to think was where did all the funds for all these sudden developments come from? And, especially, for such a tiny town?

When I interviewed the locals in 1990, I clearly remember that almost every one of them had testified to us that in the late 70's and the early 80's, they had frequently observed strange lights in the sky, especially flying over and around, and even appearing to disappear into the sides of the Mesa. They even testified to us that they also frequently observed military helicopters over Dulce, along with reports of cattle mutilations in the ranches nearby. Those were the things we heard back then when we were in Dulce in 1990.To my great surprise, sightings still seem to continue in and around Dulce, even now!!Even recent sightings of what many describe as "Bigfoot" along the Navajo River is also a fairly new topic of conversation in Dulce now.

I was so fortunate this time to personally get to know a friendly family who lives in the northwest area of the town. I had gotten to know the husband while I was attending the UFO syposium in Aztec the weekend before. During my three days of stay in Dulce this time, I have obtained many new, fascinating sighting reports from many locals again, particularly from the family that I just mentioned and their relatives.On my second day of stay in Dulce, this family invited me to their residence for a great meal. They had also invited their relatives who were willing to describe to me in detail many strange experiences they have had and even are having now. For this reason, I will refrain from naming any individuals to protect their privacy.

My friend's wife told me of a fairly recent incident whereby a huge, silent delta-shaped dark object emitting extremely bright lights slowly passed over a group of 50 to 75 (all their relatives) on a mesa where they were celebrating a traditional Jicarilla Apache feast called the "coming out" feast, a "puberty" celebration for young boys and girls (similar to the Spanish quincenera celebration). The huge object appeared after sundown, an hour or so after their traditional meals had ended and after the shamans had completed their chantings and dances. They were simply stunned to see the huge triangular 'craft' hovering only about 100 feet above the campground. The entire area lit up like daylight. What was more amazing was that after a few minutes of hovering over the area, it suddenly took off with a tremendous gust of wind. Pots and pans were flying all over. Some of the people were almost thrown off their vehicles. Fortunately! , no one was injured. Panic spread. The generators failed to re-start and all battery-operated appliances malfunctioned, including the car radios.Another recent incident they recounted was a daytime sighting of a silver, saucer-shaped object at around 11 a.m., which hovered for 30 minutes right next to Hwy 537, not too far from the junction of U.S. 64, north of La Jara Lake.

One relative also recounted a recent, unforgettable sighting of a huge, flying "triangle" near Hwy 537, near J-30 (Jicrailla Road, #30), with some type of a "cloaking device" that almost appeared to have a transparent body. The object was described to have been close to half-a-mile in length!!The biggest and most impressive sighting, however, took place in May of 2004 when several families were celebrating together the feast on a Jicarilla Apache campground, located at an area near J-33 and J-40, right near the Continental Divide. Incredibly, it involved hundreds (not just one or two objects) of brilliant objects in the night sky. It literally filled up the entire sky, according to the testimony. There were close to 100 witnesses to this incredible incident. Some even said that there were probably close to several hundred objects in the night sky. They moved en masse slowly from one end of the sky to the other. It was literally an "armada" of UFOs (which exactly reminded me of the famous, well-documented 1950 mass sightings of UFOs over Farmington, near the Four Corners ara of New Mexico).What was particularly fascinating about this sighting was that everyone also saw a small fleet of military helicopters which seemed to follow the objects. Again, car radios went dead all through the sighting.An interesting point is that many of the appearances of UFOs seem to coincide with various feasts taking place in the Jicarilla Apache reservation. Were 'they' attracted to the Jicarilla feasts?

Last but not the least of the impressive Dulce sightings involved a Jicarilla Apache Forerst Service ranger who witnessed a 'craft' of some kind enter the east side of the Archuleta Mesa through several large rocks that appeared to open (almost like a door) and in went the craft into the side of the mesa. He excitedly reported this sighting live on his microphone while he was communicating on his radio with the Forest Service station across the south side of Dulce. The ranger was stationed at the top of the Archuleta Mesa in the look-out building next to the radio communications tower. This took place a few years after a big fire destroyed many of the trees on and around the mesa. (What is still strange about the aftermath of the fire, which they say happened about 10 years ago, is the fact that all attempts for the re-forestation have so far failed on and around the Archuleta Mesa. They just don't seem to grow, for some st! range reason or other.What is my conclusion to all these recent sightings in Dulce?

These were all first-hand eyewitnesses to the events. Without doubt, I cannot help but believe that they all saw what they described to have seen. There is no other explanation.

Lastly, while in Dulce, I had a priviledge to be taken to the site of Project Gasbuggy. Project Gasbuggy was a rather 'strange' 1967 government project which involved a large underground nuclear explosion (29 kilotons of TNT) deep inside the high plateau area 25 miles south of Dulce, allegedly to release natural gas from deep under the ground. It was a joint project with El Paso Natural Gas Company. What is not frequently mentioned in association with this curious project was that the huge nuclear explosion had created, deep, huge underground extensive caverns all over the area along with extensive natural "tunnels".

What this has to do with the ongoing sightings of not only "UFOs" but also alleged sightings of "entities" (including fairly recent sightings of alleged 'Bigfoot' along the Navajo River near Dulce) is up to the reader. We may not necessarily be talking about purely physical phenomena but somehow intertwined with it could be a yet unknown type of "interdimensional" occurrances.But, of course, we cannot rule out any prosaic answers. One theory is that the town of Dulce is benefitting financially by allegedly covering up the dumping of nuclear waste materials (from Los Alamos and elsewhere) into the underground cavities under Dulce and its neighboring areas and have created the entire Dulce "underground base" story as a cover story!Whatever the case may be, it is simply fascinating!! And it is still ongoing in the "mysterious" town of Dulce, New Mexico!!
(end of the story which I wrote in 2007)

Some researchers have been on the mesa. Here is one report from a well-known researcher (name withheld for privacy) who had camped overnight on the Mesa:


"I have been researching the alleged UFO incident near Aztec, New Mexico for almost 20 years. Aztec, New Mexico is only a few hours drive to Dulce, and I decided to see if I could find anything to the 'Dulce Mystery'. In over 176 trips to the Four Corners area from my home in North Carolina, I have had two occasions to go to the top of the Archuleta peak and camp overnight.

I have also found entrances as to where there had been some tunneling done and covered over with gahnite (spray concrete). After doing some research with J. Andy Kissner who at the time was a State Representative for New Mexico, we did find evidence that a mining operation took place in the late '40's that was connected to the Manhattan Project.

Apparently the Atomic Energy Commission was looking for a place to store "waste material" and to hollow out the mountain was a cheaper option than storing it in Los Alamos. The mining operation stopped after a disagreement between State and Federal funding. That's the story we got and I have given you the very condensed version.

Small narrow gauge railroad rails are still left behind as evidence to the mining operation. The tunnel entrances can still be seen on the western slope of the mesa. As you arrive in town, turn left toward the old Gambling Casino. This is before you would make the "s" turn heading toward the Best Western Hotel. Drive down that "new" looking two lane road to where it comes to a "t". You will cross a bridge and an old railroad bridge will be on your right.
On your left is the old water tower for the steam engines. Down along the bank is another old bridge that is lying on the banks of the Navajo River. At the "t" in the road, go right and follow the river which will be on your right side. Go to the remains of the old bridge pillars (on your right and an old bridge that goes nowhere). Look up to the north and you can see the old entrance.

Be extremely careful as that land is property of the Jicarilla Apache Reservation and they WILL FINE you up to $10,000 for trespassing. The best way around this is to purchase a fishing license at the Best Western Hotel and will be "safe" to be around the river. Purchase some fishing poles and some bait. The fishing is great.

I was detained for about 20 minutes back in early 2000. The Police Officers that detained me were Caucasian, not Indian. They were very interested as to why we were walking around the river and taking pictures. We were released after a brief warning.

To get to the top is rather tricky. As you follow the road along the river, you will find a road on your left that will take you toward the top, but the road has washed away. You must bear to the right and cut up through a valley and by-pass the washed out road. This trip is only possible with not only four wheel drive, but a high center vehicle as well. The Hertz Car Rental at the Farmington Airport has high center four wheel drive vehicles.

Once you are on the summit, you are no longer on Indian Reservation. The top of the mesa is owned by the BLM (Bureau of Land Management). It's getting to the top is a little tricky. Please note that at one point you will be crossing over the Southern Ute Reservation. They DO NOT ISSUE crossing permits. You will be trespassing for about 1, 200 feet. This is about the 3/4 mark to get to the top. You will actually cross into Colorado at one point.

Once at the summit, you will see the remains of some mining equipment that was left behind. I don't know or would guess as to a "UFO base". But they sure are sensitive as to who is out walking around there. Mabe the Atomic Energy Commission got their way and they did store nuclear waste in the mountain at one point". (END QUOTE)

(Check out the Project Gasbuggy of 1967 whereby the U.S. Government did conduct an experimental nuclear explosion about 2 miles under an area about 22 miles southwest of Dulce, allegedly to ease the flow of natural gas in the area, although scientists say that no artificial tunnels or caverns were created by such experiments - since Gasbuggy was simply a shaft device and that all shaft areas were obliterated, buried and filled with concrete - courtesy of R. Gates, through STA Network )

Were the 'rumors' of Dulce underground 'alien' base intentionally created as a 'cover story' (perhaps even by the very Jicarilla Apache Tribe themselves) to discredit any public scrutiny into the area? I hope that this was not the case.

Even if Dulce had absolutely nothing to do with such, it is important to bring out the fact that the biggest problem and headache for the military's so-called "Black Projects" programs (various classified special weapons Research, Development and Testing programs) is not the projects themselves but the problem of how to dispose, dump and conceal inevitably high volume of toxic waste products (including nuclear waste materials as well as other highly toxic chemicals and substances). This has always been the biggest headache faced by specific defense contractors involved in such special programs. Within the past decade or so, civilian watchdog agencies such as the Federation of American Scientists have uncovered several illegal dumping incidents of highly toxic chemical materials by some of those programs, including one at Area 51. The question is how widespread is the military's dumping of waste products in remote locations? Were rumors of "underground bases" convenient cover stories concocted to conceal such problems?
Norio Hayakawa

My mother's 'saucer' sighting in 1975......Do I believe her?

by Norio Hayakawa February 5, 2007

Because of my fear of public ridicule, I have not told this true story publicly before, except to my closest friends. It is only just recently that I have decided to go ahead and share this with the public:
My beloved mother passed away a few years ago in Yokohama, Japan, at the age of 88. One of the most fascinating things my mother had ever told me happened one bright, clear, cloudless day in the spring of 1975.

I was living in Phoenix, Arizona. I remember receiving from her a most interesting letter. I could see her excitement in that letter. She wrote to me in that letter saying that about 10 days before, she had distinctively observed a silvery, metallic, "flying saucer"-shaped object (with a dome) hovering just over a crowded railway station in Yokohama.
It was in broad daylight, around 11:30 a.m. She described the object incredibly as a typical, "flying saucer", just as "flying saucers" have always been depicted in comic books or in Sci-Fi movies.
She said in the letter that it happened while she and her grandson were walking away from the railroad station and walking towards home. She felt as if "something had told her" to turn around and look back towards the railway station. And, Lord, behold, right over the station, she suddenly saw this shiny, silverish, metallic, typical "flying saucer" with a dome hovering over! She immediately pointed to her grandson to turn around and look, and at that very moment, the object was gone.....vanished!
The street was filled with people coming from and going to the railway station. She was so awe-struck that she didn't even notice anyone observing the object.

My mother had always been skeptical and always used to ridicule my serious interest in "UFOs". (In my childhood years, I had always taken a great interest in "UFOs" or "flying saucers", as they were called then, ever since my father had told me of his sighting of a strange, greenish "ball of fire" slowing moving over Yokohama bay one summer night in 1947, as he was night-fishing, his favorite hobby of many many years. He swore that the object seemed as if it were "intelligently controlled" or "intelligently maneuvering". He said he had never seen anything like it before. My father had passed away in 1982).

But getting back to my mother, her amazing sighting totally made her a believer. Do I believe her sighting? By all means, yes. I have the highest respect for my mother and I totally believe what she said in the letter. I visited my mother a few years later and she confirmed her sighting right to the dot. There is no doubt in my mind that she did see what she said she saw. But what do I think the "flying saucer" she saw is?

After more than 45 years of research behind the UFO phenomenon, I have yet to come to any definitive conclusion as to what UFOs are. Is it a physical phenomenon? a religious apparition? I have no idea. But I can definitely state that I believe my mother saw a "flying saucer".
This is why when a group of experienced pilots and several United Airlines employees reported that they had witnessed a metallic, saucer-shaped object hovering over Chicago's O'Hare International Airport last November in the late afternoon, I truly believe that they did see what they said they saw, i.e., a metallic, saucer-shaped object....and nothing else. Again, as to what "flying saucers" really are, I haven't the slightest idea, even after more than 45 years of research.

During my 45 years of research, I have read hundreds and hundreds of sighting reports, analyzed hundreds of documents, seen many many footages of sightings, personally experienced a few sightings which I could not readily explain, interviewed hundreds of eyewitnesses (including some so-called "abductees") and traveled far and wide to many sightings locations in both Japan and the United States. (I even visited Mexico, Chile and Argentina.)

Surprising as it may sound, after all these personal efforts of many years, I cannot even come close to stating what is behind the UFO phenomena. It still remains a mystery to me.
However, after all these years, the bottom line in my view is that we have yet to come up with a single physical, solid, hard, tangible, irrefutable evidence to prove that the UFO phenomena are physical manifestations of physical extraterrestrial intelligent entities from beyond this earth.
I am not saying that the UFO phenomena do not exist. I am simply saying that empirical science, the only discipline available so far that we can rely on to determine a phyiscal existence of a phenomenon, has not come up with any concrete evidence to prove beyond a shadow of doubt that "UFOs" are "nuts-and-bolts" physical craft operated or manipulated and occupied by physical entities from adavanced extrraterrestrial civilizations.

This is why I came to believe that the entire phenomena could even be some form of religious manifestations or religious manipulations by a power which we cannot comprehend simply by physical pursuit, a power which apparently is capable of presenting an "instant" (but only "temporay") "appearance" or "illusion" of being a physical phenomenon to the observer. Some suggest that it could even be a momentary, holographic intrusion from "parallel intelligence". Some others even suggest that it could perhaps be some form of "time-slip", interdimensional "accident". We just don't have the answer.
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Death is only the beginning of life!!



My Five Cents Worth of Ramblings on Life

by Norio Hayakawa
June 24, 2007
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We are always saddened by the death of our loved ones. This is a natural human trait. This emotion is deeply ingrained in our hearts.
Therefore we mourn the loss of our loved ones at the funeral.

But when you come to think of it, funerals are not really for the departed. Funerals are for those who are left behind. There is no doubt in my mind that the "deceased" wonders why those who are left behind are saddened, when he or she is in such a blissful state. Those who did not experience death are the ones that are to be mourned for. He or she is sending an urgent message that death was not the end of life.

Death is not the end of life. Far from it. It is only the begining of REAL LIFE, the ultimate reality. Death is simply the door through which we enter the real, true eternal life. Words will be inadequate to describe this eternal bliss to come immediately upon death. This is why we need not fear death at all. The new life after death is the ultimate reality, not the superficial, temporal, limited existence we have here in this physical world.

In other words, this world we are living in is almost like an illusion. It's not real, in the sense that this is not the ultimate reality.

We must face this fact: that DEATH actually BEGINS THE MOMENT WE ARE BORN. It's a slow process. The moment we are born we are immersed into this physical world and begin to experience sickness and disease and finally we die a physical death. For some it could be very short. For others death may come in an unexpected way before sickness and disease take over. We all have an appointed time for death. This thought sounds rather morbid but let's face it. This is a fact.

Therefore, to the best of our ability, we MUST live these precious few moments of life to the fullest possible and take time to enjoy it while we can.
We must continually thank "God" (or the "Creator", or the "Designer" or whatever you may describe "Him" to be, to the best of our "finite" mind) for giving us this precious physical life, even though it's a short life.

We must not hate ourselves but love ourselves for who God created us to be. But more than that, we must LOVE OTHERS more than ourselves and do good to others. This is the golden rule. We must also continue to have total FAITH (or unconditional "TRUST" or "RELIANCE") in God and live the way He would want us to live.

This may sound strange, but since we are all taking the journey to death, the most important time in our life, therefore, is NOW. The past cannot be repeated. What happened even a few seconds ago cannot be repeated. It's gone.

The past is history. We have the PAST, PRESENT and the FUTURE. Our finite mind cannot see the FUTURE. This is why the most important period of our life is NOW, this very minute, this very second!!

We need to thank "God" (or the "Creator", or the "Designer" or whatever you may describe "Him" to be, to the best of our "finite" mind) for giving us the opportunity to be here, even for a short time. We need to thank "God" EVERY SINGLE DAY for giving us this precious life to live. We need to thank "God" for EVERY NEW BREATH that we can continue to breathe while on earth, even if we may be so sick in bed and are faced with death. Yes, many times we may feel that it is extremely difficult to do, but we must try. We must continue to count our blessings EVERY DAY.

By the way, there are no such things as "coincidences" in our lives, if we fully trust in the "Creator". There may be a reason for everything that happened so far in our personal lives. Moreover, we do make many mistakes and made bad decisions. There's no turning back the clock to change the events that happened in our lives. We can only learn from the past mistakes and ask for forgiveness for our mistakes.

Many times we question "God" (or the "Creator" or "Designer" or whatever you may call "Him", to the best of our "finite" mind) why certain things, especially "bad things", happen in our lives.
But we must bear in mind that God never wishes "bad things" in our lives. God never creates "bad things". God is not the creator of evil.

Often times we have tragic moments in our lives which are beyond our doing. At the time of the tragic event, we tend to question God and even complain to Him why the tragedy happened. But later on, as the years go by, we come to a point and realize that had it not been for that tragedy in the past that I would not be here where I am, not only physically, mentally but above all and most importantly, spiritually. We didn't see it right then before.

As they say, "all things work out for the good for those who love and trust Him".
Lastly, together with this thought, we can rest assured that God answers ALL our sincere prayers.

There are only three ways that "God" answers our prayers. That is: YES, NO or NOT NOW.
When we ask God for a certain thing:

1) God can respond and say "YES". "You will get your wish right away".

2) God can respond and say "NO". (God knows exactly what is good for you. When God says "NO", He will give you an alternative to your request. He will say "NO, but I will give you something that is even better for you, and you will know the reason why later on, in due time".
and finally,

3) God can respond and say "YES, but not now, you will just have to wait patiently and then it will be granted. Now is not the right time, but it will be granted at the most appropriate time for you."
Norio Hayakawa