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The UFO phenomenon -- the bottom line - - -an excellent comment by Tomas Scolarici

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by Tomas Scolarici
(quoted on October 11, 2011)


The assumption of the extraterrestrial origin of the UFO phenomenon presents certain insoluble contradictions.

There have been sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects since the beginnings of history. There are enough graphic and narrative accounts to show that UFOs are not just a contemporary phenomenon. If we accept the common belief that UFOs are and have been extraterrestrial artifacts, we cannot help but wonder why there has never been open and verifiable contact with human civilization.

Visitors, at least friendly ones, knock on the door and introduce themselves; UFOs do not.
Nothing ever seems to come from these presumed “space visitors”. No contact, no help, no identity. Consequently, I would have to classify them as clandestine, unauthorized voyeurs, rather than friendly cosmic brothers.

The whole theory of alien civilizations watching over us seems rather implausible. We have to suppose that they must have some purpose for being here, but what is it? There doesn’t appear to be any real evidence of any particular activity. Nothing indicates that the "messages" of the alleged contactees come from advanced extraterrestrials.

These messages sound like a blend of New Age rhetoric, pseudo-science and preposterous theosophy, and the Exo-fantasists give us more of the same.

The prophets of the UFO=ET subculture allude to their anonymous and/or dubious "sources" and chastise anyone who dares to question them. For the "alienologists", the whole scientific and political establishment conspires to conceal the extraterrestrial presence in our world. If we stop to think about what such a conspiracy would require, we quickly realize the ridiculous and irrational nature of this idea. A secret of such magnitude could not remain secret very long. Not in the era of Wikileaks.

The rhetoric of nonsense, improvisation and fantasies is usually proposed instead of reliable evidences.
The believers, as do church goers, must have faith in the inspired words of these self proclaimed representatives of the extraterrestrials. Doubts about their "revelations" are punished with insults, accusations and isolation of the "provocateurs". To keep things going, facts are twisted and natural phenomenon become evidences of the extraterrestrial presence. A balloon is never a balloon, and a Chinese lantern is a star-craft.

I started out believing that the “historical evidence” (the Pyramids, Nasca, the Mayan Calendar, etc) was overwhelming and irrefutable proof of visitors from other worlds, but 40 years of rational investigation has lead me to the inevitable conclusion that there is just no real evidence, no facts - only improbable and hypothetical theories which are presented as fact.

The believers keep on waiting for the predictions of the "alienologists" to come to pass, but they never do. So they must keep on waiting. The aliens never seem to come through. Perhaps, it is the aliens who are conspiring to make the “alienologists” and their followers look like crazies.

ET fantasies sell books and, through the Internet, give personal promotion to a few obscure and border line personalities, but they do very little to promote real scientific investigation of the UFO phenomenon.

Tomas Scolarici



Kandinsky said...

Although I'm open to to the ET hypothesis, it is what it is.

Maybe a poor analogy is a small village seeing a vehicle of strangers passing through and assuming what nationality they are. The thinking follows that they aren't *from here* so they must be *from there.*

'Consequently, I would have to classify them as clandestine, unauthorized voyeurs, rather than friendly cosmic brothers.'

It's possible that, without a wider context, we can't be sure who -or what- is 'authorised' and who isn't. For example, small nations have often fallen within the authority of empires when the 'natives' thought they were autonomous. Pavlov's dogs probably felt territorial too. :)

'The rhetoric of nonsense' could be a slogan for ufology in general. If anyone reads the January 1960 issue of Flying Saucer Review, it becomes evident that not a lot changes. Same old divisions.

I tend to agree with Scolarici's points and would rather he was wrong...

pilytkid said...

You Cant classify them you know nothing about them or what you are talking about, if you are making that sweeping statement  of everyone else then you must be in the same boat that would be logical.
I for one get a little pissed off when people that have no personal interaction with craft or extraterrestrials start talking shit about the validity of the experiencers and experiences. I had my first contact when I was 8 years of age when a craft landded no more than 20 meters from me and my friends, it was so close it was like looking at a car on the opposite side of the road,  i wont go into detail and upset  you but that experience sat very comftably with me for over 35 years in that time I had a handful of other sightings black triangles orbs light ships ect ect nothing to write home about. In all that time it was never an issue or an interest never looked at a book on the subject or watched any weird films I was to busy enjoying life and what a great life its been, space, aliens and other worlds was for weirdos like you I was way to cool for shit like that.

From febuary 2010  untill november 2010  Thirty five years later a grown man of 43 and hes  family witnessed many things happen to them for 10 months as a family that means witnesses to the event, that was so intense and sometimes so terrifying that it nearly split that family unit apart it  changed me and it changed my family we are not fantasists nor new age hippies or people looking to follow the crowd or sell our story to the highest  bidder or do talks at UFO conferences. I have my life I have my family I have my business which I also nearly lost because I could hardly work over that crazy period.  When I investigate our experiences I find the so called Exo fantasists you are talking about are talking about our experiences and we had a lot of experiences one and all we didn't make up individually or as a  family as we had no interest in scince fiction little green men or so called conspiracy theory's  although I'm now a fully paid up member of that club. I often find the best thing to do when you have very little or no knowledge or idea what you are talking about is to shut the fuck up its the safe option in this solar system. Why would you take an interest in something you don't like or believe that's the domaine of weirdos is it not.   

You use the sentence      rather than friendly cosmic brothers.  The problem you have here is in you interpretation of the word friendly that's an earth word by the way, what makes you think that they are operating at that earthly level you are compering them to humans, I live close to the coast I often walk along the shore I've never made contact with a fish and when there is a knock at my door I've never opened it yet and been greeted by a mackerel,  my advice to you is forget everything you think you know on this subject, go up in your loft and get you electric train set down watch it go around and around and write a blog on that subject, something you can really get your teeth into and study maybe take a film of that plastic train, time the laps write a book on the subject, call it electric trains something i know everything about. 
I hope for your sake you never find out and you can keep writing your ridiculing View, now that is a pleasant thought for someone that has had direct experience.