Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hilarious! UFO-based hillbilly gospel tune from 1947!!

Here is a UFO-based hillbilly gospel tune from 1947:


Thanks to Judith for finding this song.

-from Norio Hayakawa

In fact, this may not just be a hilarious song.
It may become true, in the near future!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Col. John Alexander, Robert Bigelow and the goal of the National Institute of Discovery Science?


by Norio Hayakawa

In the early 1990s, I had a chance to visit a Col. John Alexander at his office in Las Vegas.
Apparently he had just moved in to that office there.

He was quite cordial.

We asked him some questions about non-lethal weapons systems and their applications.

I even asked him a couple of questions about "thanatology".
(since, at that time I was a full-time licensed funeral director in Los Angeles).
It was quite interesting.

However, towards the end of the interview we asked him a question about "UFOs".
As soon as he heard us mention "UFOs", his attitude suddenly changed and he became totally upset.
He then scolded us and told us never to bring up that topic again.
He said that he had absolutely no interest in "UFOs".

Anyway, upon leaving his office (after we apologized to him), he led us the way out of his office.
As soon as he started walking towards the hallway to lead us out of his office, I instantly went behind his desk and had a quick look at his computer screen.
To my amazement, his computer screen showed a partial list of UFO organizations and names of UFO researchers.
To this day, I have no idea what to think of him and this experience there in his office.

This is why I still have a difficult time trusting the ultimate goal of organizations such as the National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS), financed and headed by Robert Bigelow of Las Vegas.
Col. John Alexander, I believe, was under the payroll of Robert Bigelow in the 1990s.
(He still my be, even today).
My fear is that the goal of NIDS is to dominate and control the flow of UFO information and to infiltrate organizations such as MUFON, through their vast financial resources.
I may be wrong on this.
I am not sure.

Norio Hayakawa

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Strange But True Fact.....Area 51 and its strange relationship with the Lincoln County Sheriff Dept.

Nevada's Lincoln County Sheriff Department had a cozy relationship with the Air Force and its notorious Area 51 base. (They still do, even today, in many ways).
The Sheriff Dept. used to be compensated by the Air Force $80,000 a year just to interrogate people who drove on public land near the Eastern boundary line.
Lincoln County Sheriff Dept's phone number still reflects this long-time relationship.
The last 4 digits of their phone number ends in 5151.
Just call them (775) 962-5151.

In the meantime, a private security force guarding the restricted boundary line can intimidate people but are not allowed to come in contact (i.e., they are forbidden to talk) with people.
Instead, they are ordered by their superiors to call the Lincoln County Sheriff Dept.
Then the Sheriff Dept. will obey the private security's command and will send a deputy or two to question the people.

A strange relationship and a strange chain of command, indeed!

You can call the Sheriff Dept. They may deny all of this, but again, they may not.

Norio Hayakawa

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Strange But True.........Facts about New Mexico

Fact #1:

In 1992, the Albuquerque Journal (the largest daily newspaper in New Mexico) ran a story headlined: "Why New Mexico Has More Missing Chilren Per Population Than Any Other State Remains A Mystery".
I remember reading that article.
My question has always been: "Where did those children go?" To Dulce?

Fact #2:

In 1967, the U.S. government exploded an atomic bomb a mile and a half deep underground, only 21 miles south of Dulce, New Mexico.
The reason: to help ease the flow of natural gas in that region.
My question: Was that the only reason?

-from Norio Hayakawa