Tuesday, February 28, 2012

French physicist confirms 1988 UFO sighting over Mount Archuleta!!

from Norio Hayakawa at Civilian Intelligence Central


February 28, 2012
from French physicist, Dr. John F. Gille


To the memory of Officer Gabriel Valdez


Southern slopes of Mount Archuleta, 5 miles North-West of Dulce, New Mexico.
Dulce is about 27 miles west of Chama, on US 64, in Northwestern New Mexico, Rio Arriba County, and on the Jicarilla Apache Indian Reservation, only 4.5 miles south of the Colorado State Line.

- Location of witnesses: 400 meters (435 yards) south-east of Mount Archuelta Summit (elevation: 8136 feet = 2480 meters; Longitude = 107 degrees 03'17" W, latitude = 36 degrees 59'19" N - only 1.27 km = 0.79 miles = 1390 yd south of the Colorado State Line).

Witnesses' spot height: 7900 ft = 2408 m

- Location of the phenomenon: South to North trajectory for about 2 miles (3 km), stopping very close to Mount Archuleta summit, seen from a 25 to 35 degree angle ('altitude' in astronomy lingo) to the horizon (which makes for a height above sea level of 2600 - 2700 m, or 8500' - 8800').

- Estimated closest observers - trajectory distance: 440 m (480 yd)

- Distance observers - spot where the UFO stopped: 470 m (510 yd)

- Time: 7:51 pm (1951 hours) local (Mountain) time.

Duration: a few seconds (Ms. A. {see further, II.} a registered nurse, i.e., a well-trained observer of brief periods of time, measured in seconds, estimated the duration of the whole observation as 5 to 6 seconds).


* Elaine A., 44 RN, Albuquerque Veterans Hospital {all ages and occupations are those of 1988}

* Gabriel Valdez, New Mexico State Police, residing in Dulce {sadly, Gabe Valdez passed away in August, 2011}

* Edmund Gomez, rancher, a friend of Mr. Valdez, and a local resident

* "Jack" (not his real name), PhD, a research scientist for a major labe in the US {This gentleman, who hiked with us, was NOT Mr. 'Jason Bishop' (a.k.a., Tal Levesque), as 'BRANTON' has erroneously supposed in a note of Chapter 2 of his DULCE BOOK (currently freely available on the web). The real "Jack" was presumably still alive in 2011.

* Manuel, local kid {according to Edmund Gomez, it was Manuel, Jr., younger brother of Edmund}

* Jeff, younger son of Mr. Valdez

* John Gille, PhD, 46 and residing in Albuquerque, NM {University of Marseilles, 1973}


I was interested in the Dulce area because of rumors related to: a) an allegedly, 'jointly' (i.e. CIA - Alien!) occupied' underground facility, situated, said the rumor, under Mount Archuleta; b) numerous associated UFO sightings, as it has been persistently reported by local residents through the grapevine. {See: UFO Crash at Aztec, by William S. Steinman, publisher: UFO Photo Archives, Tucson 1986, ISBN: 0-934-269-05-X, p. 578 - 604 ("The Bennewitz Story"), and the well-known John Lear Statement, (privately published) December 29, 1987, revised March 25, 1988 (see also ParaNet, October 16, 1988), I had translated the latter in French, and, under that form, the Statement ("Declaration de John Lear") had a nice circulation in the French domain, however on the sly).

A night of observation, in the mountains west of the town of Dulce, had been planned for some time (and not later than September 1988) under the leadership of Mr. Valdez.

Since about 7:30 p.m., we had been playing a game (erroneosly interpreted as 'Ouija' by some) at the instigation of Mr. Valdez:

Five players were required: one of them (called the 'subject'), in turn, is sat on a chair. The other four place their hands on the head of the 'subject' and have a moment of quiet. Then, at a signal, they lift him (or her0, using only the tips of their forefingers, jabbing them under the subject's armpits and knees. In most cases, the subject is lifted very fast and easily one foot or two up. When the same stunt is attempted without 'meditation time', it is usually impossible to move the subject, even when the combined efforts result in much strain applied on the joints of the forefinger. Indeed, I know not of any conventional explanation - in term of our Western Science - of this innocent game, played as it is around the world (I had played it in France when I was in my twenties).

Just as we were processing the last person (Jack), one of Mr. Valdez' sons shouted: "Look! Here it comes!" {I do not make the statement that there was a casual correlation between what we had just been doing and what what-ever it may have been - we saw next. I merely report two consecutive events which may have or may have not been correlated}.


The "object" (hereby designated as such - I personally was not able to make out any structure in it) came from the south at great speed, on a flat, straight, rectilinear and horizontal trajectory resulting, for the retina in our eyes {Through the persistence of luminous impression, a standard physiological reaction.}, in a perfectly straight luminous line (yellowish, and of some thickness, like one who would have resulted from a plane's landing light.

It was definitely, not a plane. I use this comparison to give an idea of the luminosity of the trajectory.
We had seen already a number of shooting stars that night.
The path of the trajectory of our phenomenon was maybe hundreds or thousands of times more luminous than theirs).
There was not any sound coming from the phenomenon.

The 'object' stopped dead on its tracks. Its trajectory's final spot was very close to the top of Mount Archulelta, as we saw it from where we were.
At the same time, it became extremely luminous, lighting at least half the sky up. It looked literally like the blossoming of a flower of light. There was a "display of gorgeous lights of pure color" {to quote the John Lear Statement}: yellow, pink, green - enhanced by the center of that luminous phenomenon, giving out a shower of sparks (not unlike portable fireworks mounted on a stick, seen on the 4th of July). There was kind of a mist, too, around the object's center, at this same moment.
It then sort of "folded on itself", and disappeared, vanished.
There was not anymore anything to be seen. Ms. A's expression to describe the end of the phenomenon as "it slipped away into another dimension".


A. Maps:

1. United States (with several alleged points of interest spotted)

2. Part of the South-West, including New Mexico (the curve drawn with a felt pen inside New Mexico is the Continental Divide)

3. Northwestern part of New Mexico

4. Jicarilla Apache Reservation

5. Part of the "Wirt Canyon" map sheet, to the 1:24,000 scale, published by the US Geological Survey.

B. Photos:

1. Our party ready to leave (from left to right, Mrs. Valdez - she did not join the trip -, Mr. Gabriel Valdez, Manuel, John Gille, Edmund, "Jack", Greg, Jeff. The photo was taken by Ms. A.)

2. Our campsite, seen from front of Mount Archuleta summit, the next morning

3. Mount Archuleta, seen from the campsite, the next morning.

C. Sketch of relative positions of observers versus phenomenon:

TF = trajectory, C= campsite, H = orthogonal projection of 'C' unto the estimated vertical plane including the trajectory (as drawn on the map - see annex A.5., CT = minimum distance observers - trajectory = 44 m (= 480 yd), F = end of the phenomenon, "flower of light", Distance 'C' = 'F' = 490 m (= 530 yd)
The trajectory was about 2000 feet above the lowest point under the estimated path of the 'object', which is the Navajo River, elevation about 6600 feet.


I usually have a rather impatient attitude toward UFO observations who exhibit a lower strangeness level than CE-IV's (the so-called abductions). Now, the above described case is not even a Close Encounter (with the object less than 200 yd from the witness). Actually, for several months, I did not overdramatize the importance of the October 23 observation. However, it is not its strangeness level, undoubtedly low on an absolute reference scale, which gives its interests to that humble LITS (Light In The Sky); it is the place where it happened.

The exact location where the phenomenon did happen had been described, prior to our Oct. 23 observation, in at least two published documents. Namely, the John Lear Statement, and UFO Crash at Aztec, by W. S. Steinman. The John Lear Statement had been called a hoax and/or a piece of disinformation by some. We are, obviously, unable to check presently the genuineness of all claims stated in so rich a text.

It may be worthy of note, nevertheless, that our observation on the slopes of Mt. Archuleta was kind of a 'Road to Damascus' for one member of our party, a well-bred, experimented, hardnosed physicist.

This fact alone, we believe, could well be a justification not to discard the observation, and, above all, to give a second look to Mr. Paul Bennewitz statements, according to which there is an underground base operated by aliens under Mount Archuleta.

That hypothesis earned Mr. Bennewitz {Mr. Bennewitz passed away in June 2003} a lot of rejection and jeers from the ufologic community, and very likely also, unfortunately, persecutions of an altogether mcuh more serious nature {see, for instance, the confessed (Las Vegas, July 1989) shady maneuvers of a Bill Moore. See also COSMIC TOP SECRET, by William H. Hamilton III, a relevant extract of which is currently, and freely, available on the net. {JFG, Dec. 17, 2011}.

We'd like, someday, to dwell deeper into that mysterious affair. Let's now be content not to deprive the ufologic community of the details of this simple observation.

Albuquerque, February 20 - April 13, 1989
Aix-en-Provence, December 2011


P.S. Dr. John Gille's French name is Jean-Francois Gille

Jean-Francois Gille worked for CNRS France (Charge de recherche)
Foundations of Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Fields Theories