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The most spectacular UFO sighting in U.S. history: 1950, Farmington, New Mexico!!


The most spectacular UFO sighting in U.S. history:

Forget about Roswell, 1947.
Forget about Phoenix, 1997.
Sure, those were undoubtedly very important events in the annals of UFO sightings history.
But when it comes to the most amazing sightings ever recorded in the U.S., nothing can even come close to what transpired over the skies of Farmington, New Mexico in 1950.

The most spectacular mass appearance of UFOs in U.S. history took place over the skies of Farmington, New Mexico in March of 1950.
It happened for three consecutive days.
The so-called 1997 Phoenix sightings pale in comparison to what happened in the town, not too far from the Four Corners area.

Anywhere from around 200 to 400 disc-shaped, metallic, silver-colored objects were seen in the sky, performing all kinds of maneuvers, making all kinds of formations and simply giving incredible flight show in the sky.

It all began at around 11 a.m. on March 15, 1950 and lasted for about an hour.
For three consecutive days, hundreds of astonished citizens of this town witnessed the most spectacular daytime mass UFO sightings ever recorded.
And it all took place during broad daylight, usually from around 11 a.m., lasting for about an hour.

The front page headline of Farmington Daily Times of March 18, documented the amazing sightings: HUGE SAUCER ARMADA JOLTS FARMINGTON.

For some reason or other, this incident seemed to have been hushed up quickly.
A few years ago I was fortunate enough to visit Farmington and was able to interview an elderly gentleman who was one of hundreds of witnesses to this spectacular event. He confirmed to me practically all the aspects of that incident as was reported in Farming Daily Times news article.
I visited the Farmington Senior Center to find some witnesses. Their number is rapidly diminishing.

According to some townsfolk, government agents came to town quickly after the incident, discouraging people to talk about the incident for national security reasons (the Cold War had gripped the psyche of the American people by 1950 and the people were quite receptive and cooperative with whatever the government had told them) and may even have bought up all the editions of the newspapers of March 18, 1950:

In the following article, one can still read the microfisched headline of Farmington Daily Times of March 18, 1950:

And, finally, here is another reference to the Farmington, New Mexico incident of 1950, along with an excellent discussion by Stanton Friedman on why New Mexico is so important in the post WWII history of UFO sightings:

UFOs, New Mexico and the Farmington Armada

-from Norio Hayakawa

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UFOs, Area 51 and Dulce.....the bottom line

May 13, 2010
by Norio Hayakawa

Here is my take on the whole subject of UFOs, Area 51 and Dulce:

UFOs, Area 51 and Dulce......the bottom line

and, specifically, on UFOs:

My beliefs on the UFO phenomenon

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UFO photographed near F-14 crash site in 1987?

A fascinating UFO photo, revealed recently by a former San Diego resident

by Norio Hayakawa
May 5, 2010

At around 10:30 a.m. on March 21, 1987, there was a crash of an F-14 Tomcat fighter in a canyon just north of Scripps Ranch, San Diego, California.

The newswires reported that the crash occurred shortly after the jet had taken off from Miramar Naval Air Station.
Two pilots, after they ejected from the aircraft, said they heard 3 loud explosions as the jet plummeted to the ground.

The crash site was about one mile north of Scripps Miramar Ranch, about two miles northeast of Mira Mesa, and about 4 miles northeast of the air base.

About 65 firefighters from the San Diego Fire Department and Poway were summoned to the canyon area to battle a two-acre blaze triggered when the jet crashed.
Firefighters had trouble reaching the site because of the poor access roads through the rugged terrain.
The blaze continued for about three hours.

A Sheriff Department's helicopter, which had helped in transferring the pilots out of the area to the Naval air base, also aided firefighters by dumping water on hot spots.
Navy spokesman Lt. Ed Mapers said that "Quite a few people called us and they all said it was strange". "They said it was quiet and the aircraft was making no noise. It could lead you to believe possibly that the engines shut down".

Mr. Lucky Endo, a long-time area resident, said that he did not witness the crash itself nor did he see the crash site because it was on the other side of the hill.
But he heard the explosions and soon he witnessed two parachutes coming down.

He said that fire broke out but the fire engines may have had difficulty reaching the area.
A helicopter was used initially to put out the fire on the ground, he said.
Smoke from the crash was still visible for several hours.
According to him, the area was completely secured and became off limits to the public by the military, the police and the fire department.

What was most interesting was that Mr. Endo states that around 3:30 p.m., he began to observe an oval-shaped object hovering in the distance on the visible side of the hill, just above the tree lines.
It hovered in that area for about a minute or so.
Mr. Endo said he took two still photos at that time.
He did not take any videos.
He only sent me two copies of his original photos.
Therefore the images are not too clear but they are, nevertheless, most interesting.
His two still photos are presented in my short YouTube presentations.

According to the news reports, the F-14 Tomcat fighter had crashed due to electric malfunctioning.
Mr. Endo theorizes that the pilots of the jet may have earlier encountered an unidentified craft during the training mission and may even have been chasing the object.
He believes that the object that appeared around 3:30 p.m. may have been observing the crash site after the ground fire was put out.
The Navy never released any final investigation results on this incident.

Here is the first still photo of the object which is enlarged in the latter portion of my short YouTube presentation:

UFO photographed near F-14 crash site in 1987?

The second still photo is also presented in my following short YouTube presentation:

Second photo: UFO photographed near F-14 crash site in 1987?

-from Norio Hayakawa