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Ted Gunderson, former FBI Special Agent-in-charge of Los Angeles, has passed away!!

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Friend and colleague, Ted Gunderson, has passed away

August 1, 2011
by Norio Hayakawa

Some very sad news has come to our attention.
With much sadness I have to inform everyone that Ted Gunderson, friend and colleague of the Civilian Intelligence Network, has lost his battle with cancer and has passed away on July 31, 2011.

Ted Gunderson was one of the finest, most noble Americans we have ever known.
May his soul rest in peace.
God bless Ted Gunderson for his 30 years of exposing outrageous government crime and corruption.

Those of us who knew Ted sorely miss his big smile, radiant personality and patriotic dedication to truth, justice and preserving the American way of life.

I first met Ted in 1992 in Arcadia, California, in a conference which Gary Schultz and I organized that exposed the dark side of the Wackenhut Corporation.

I heard him speak at a 1995 Patriot/Militia conference held in Palm Springs, after the OKC bombing incident.
It was Ted Gunderson who inspired me to get involved with the Patriot/Militia movement in 1995.

Ted Gunderson investigated the Ruby Ridge incident, the 1993 Waco incident, the 1993 World Trade Center bombing incident, the OKC bombing incident and countless number of covered-up incidents, not to mention the 9/11 incident of 2001.

My friend, Anthony J. Hilder, knew Ted Gunderson very well.
He and Ted did lots of conferences together.

Ted Gunderson also spoke at many conferences where I was also a speaker.

Ted Gunderson participated in our 1999 People's Rally at Area 51 to protest the government's environmental infractions at the site as well as to support the workers' rights for health compensation resulting from sickness caused by the use of hazardous, toxic chemicals:

I can state that the Ted Gunderson that I personally knew was one of the kindest, gentlest persons that I have ever come to know.

He was a gentleman and a scholar in the truest sense of the word.
He will always remain our hero.


Here are two classical clips from our hero, Ted Gunderson:



Important announcement from Ken Adachi, close friend and colleague of Ted Gunderson:


If anyone wishes to send condolence letters or cards, you can send them to Ted Gunderson's daughter Lori at:

Ted Gunderson
6230-A Wilshire Blvd. #6
Los Angeles, CA 90048

(note: this is the ONLY address to use when sending mail or donations to Ted's family. Any other address listed at other web sites soliciting donations on behalf of Ted Gunderson are not authorized or sanctioned by Ted's family. Ted's daughter Lori told me that she did not authorize Ted Gunderson's former webmaster at to change Ted's mailing address to "Tiny Stars" of Malibu, California and that any donations or mail being sent to Tiny Stars is NOT being forwarded to Ted's family. Only Ted Gunderson' daughter, Lori, has access to the address shown above and she is not in contact or communication with Ted's former webmaster. If you wish to support Ted Gunderson's family, then please address all communications to the above listed address--and no other)

If you wish to send an e-mail to Ted's family, send me an e-mail with the words "Ted Gunderson condolence" in the subject line and I will forward your e-mail to Ted's daughter's, Lori.



Unfortunately, I have found out that it is extremely difficult to get in touch with Ken Adachi through e-mail.

One place to try is:

Norio Hayakawa

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