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My thoughts on "UFOs"

MY THOUGHTS ON "UFOs" ---- February, 2005 QUESTIONS and MY ANSWERS, from an interview:

You spent almost 45 years of your life studying reports of UFO sightings, interviewing hundreds of eyewitnesses, travelling to many sites of alleged sightings, conducting field investigations, etc. In other words, you were involved in UFO research for nearly 45 years. Is this correct?

"Yes, it is correct. I began to get involved in UFO research in 1960. When I was growing up, my father used to tell me of his sighting of a large "mysterious" greenish object one summer night in 1947 darting across the bay while he was night fishing in Yokohama. He had seen many meteors in the night skies during his many years of night fishing in the bay, but that particular sighting in the summer of 1947 was definitely not a meteor, he used to emphasize to me. With that kind of a childhood background influence, when I became a high school student in 1960, I began to participate in several UFO research groups in Japan.

So you became a believer of UFOs as intelligently controlled extraterrestrial craft?

"That is correct, I became a strong believer in the existence of UFOs as extraterrestrial craft monitoring the earth. I began to subscribe to newsletters and publications of organizations such as N.I.C.A.P. (National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomenon) of Washington, D.C. and A.P.R.O. (Aerial Phenomena Research Organization, based in Tucson, Arizona."

But now you no longer hold on to that viewpoint. Is this correct?

"It is correct in the sense that I am more pessimistic than ever on this viewpoint. It was around 1978 that I began to question the so-called "ET Hypothesis" of the origins of UFOs."

Have you ever been to Roswell?

"Yes, I used to live in New Mexico and Arizona after moving to the U.S., from Japan. To be exact, I lived in New Mexico from 1965 to 1973 and in Arizona from 1973 to 1982 and so I've been to many areas of interest in those states. When I was living in Albuquerque, I came to know several people who used to tell me about the Manzano Storage areas next to Kirtland AFB. I visited Roswell on many occasions. I also visited Whites Sands and the town of Socorro where a patrolman, Lonnie Zamora, allegedly had in 1964 a CE2 incident (Close Encounter Type II, i.e., a close range sighting of a UFO on ground, together with the alleged sighting of its occupant and with an alleged physical trace (burnt 'landing marks' on the desert) after the object flew away."

Do you believe that the Roswell incident of 1947 was a crash of an alien "flying saucer"?

"It is difficult for me to believe that was the case. I tend to believe that the Roswell "incident" was a hastily created diversion (possibly a "staged event") to draw attention away from the public scrutiny of some military project gone awry. I believe that during 1945 (after the end of WWII), 1946 and 1947, there were several prototypes of experimental aircraft being test-flown in the American Southwest, including the Muroc Dry Lake (present-day Edwards AFB) that included prototpyes of "flying wing" aircraft."

What about the allegation that many of today's technologies, such as computer chips, computers, fiber optics, night vision goggles, lasers, thermal imaging, composite materials, etc. all came from back-engineering of items found in the panel of the flying saucer that crashed near Roswell in 1947? In other words, from "aliens"?

"I am not convinced of that. It took years and years of hard work of our scientists to develop these technolgoies. Initial concepts, basic designs and prototpyes of today's many technologies did not come suddenly in 1947. I have a difficult time believing that they came from "aliens". Phil Corso's theories
cannot be proven."

When did you begin to have doubts on the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis of the origins of UFOs?

"Towards the latter half of the seventies. I began to read books by John A. Keel and Dr. Jacques Vallee. They influenced my thinking tremendously. THE EIGHTH TOWER , written by Keel had an impact on my viewpoints. Vallee's THE EDGE OF REALITY (co-authored with Dr. Allen Hynek) also really opned my eyes. Consequently I began to consider the UFO phenomenon not as a uni-dimensional, physical phenomenon that can be studied and explained by traditional empirical methodology. I believe it is more of an ultra-dimensional phenomenon. I even began to consider some the phenomenon as part of "religious" manifestations or "apparitions".

In other words, you do not believe that UFOs and aliens exist?

"I am a skeptic in the sense that I do not believe that UFOs are physical, "nuts-and-bolts" extraterrestrial craft maneuvered and/or occupied by extraterrestrial aliens. The bottom line is that after nearly 60 years or so of the so-called modern-day era of UFO sightings, we have yet to come up with any tangible, solid, concrete, physical, irrefutable evidence that we are being visited by advanced civilizations from elsewhere in the universe. The bottom line is that unfortunately, we can only rely on empirical evidence, and so far there is none to substantiate such allegations."

Have you interviewed many so-called "abductees"?

"Yes, I have intereviewed many so-called "abductees", including the so-called MILAB cases, cases that allegedly involved military personnel. On one occasion I interviewed a lady who claimed to have been abducted by Naval personnel outside Ridgecrest, California, next to China Lake Naval Weapons Testing Center. She claimed she was abducted by military personnel and taken to an underground level at China Lake where she allegedly was tested whether she had any extra-sensory capabilities to locate "enemy" submarines and other weapons."
"In Phoenix, Arizona, I interviewed in length a family whose daughter was allegedly abducted by a hovering circular object in the middle of a hot summer evening from their swimming pool. This allegedly involved time loss, i.e., the missing time elapse syndrome. My belief on "abduction cases" is that the abductees really believe that they were abducted. It could be a yet unknown psychological phenomenon of some type. That is my opinion on abductions."

Have you ever had any personal UFO sightings?

"I've had some sightings of things that I could not identify at the time of such sightings. One night In 1993, around 11:30 p.m., about 5 of us had a sighting of a group of incandescent balls of light that almost resembled a "string of pearls" exapanding and contracting as it travelled towards Edwards Air Force Base. We were standing right next to the fence at a remote radar cross-section test site of Northrop Grumman, south of Tehachapi Mountains at that moment. However, I believe that all of my past sightings probably could be explained through prosaic explanations."

Have you been to Area 51 in Nevada?

"I've never been inside Area 51, if that's what you mean. However, I have seen the base many times from White Sides as well as from the "Freedom Ridge" before those hills were closed off to the public in 1994. The sight of the sprawling base from those two hills was magnificent, to say the least. Moreover, I continued to see the base several times even after1 1994, this time from the Tikaboo Peak, which is about 23 miles away. The last time I saw the base from the distance was in September of 2003. By the way, Area 51 is an erroneous name of that complex. "Area 51" was never an Air Force designation. It was a designation used by the Department of Energy. The correct official name of the base is "an operating location near Groom Lake." And, to my knowledge, there never have been any aliens or UFOs at that location. For a history of "Area 51" I recommend you to go to an excellent article written by aerospace historia, Peter Merlin:

When did you start your investigations into Area 51 in Nevada?

"I began to hear of Area 51 actually in 1987. However, it was not until 1988 that I began to take an interest in that location. For more on this, you can see the timeline of my involvement there in

Have you been to the alleged underground base in Dulce, New Mexico?

"I was in Dulce in 1990 with a TV crew from Japan to help produce a documentary on the alleged Dulce base. We spent a few days there looking for the base (which was allegedly located under Archuleta Mesa, outside Dulce). However, we could not locate any such base, partly because some roads leading to the mesa were closed off, due to snow on the ground. We interviewed many locals, i.e., the Jicarilla Apache tribe, some of whom claimed to have seen strange lights in the night skies and some military helicopters in that area especially during the early eighties, but my conclusion was that there was nothing solid to substantiate any such allegations, despite the fact that we were temporarily detained by the Police Chief while in town and taken to his office, probably because of our extreme curiosity. We also talked with some ranchers in that area, some of whom claimed that some of their cattle had been mutilated mysteriously, especially during the early part of the eighties. Again, however, my conclusion was that there was nothing solid to substantiate the allegations that there was an alien base in Dulce."

Are you a citizen of the U.S.A.?

"Yes, I am a citizen of this great nation, the U.S.A.. I was naturalized in 1976 in Phoenix, Arizona during the year of the Bicentennial Celebration of the U.S.A. I love this great nation and I am proud to be a citizen of this great nation. I truly believe that God has blessed, and will continue to bless the U.S.A., as long as this nation continues to retain its Christian heritage and adheres to the faith and ideals of the founding fathers."

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