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My mother's 'saucer' sighting in 1975......Do I believe her?

by Norio Hayakawa February 5, 2007

Because of my fear of public ridicule, I have not told this true story publicly before, except to my closest friends. It is only just recently that I have decided to go ahead and share this with the public:
My beloved mother passed away a few years ago in Yokohama, Japan, at the age of 88. One of the most fascinating things my mother had ever told me happened one bright, clear, cloudless day in the spring of 1975.

I was living in Phoenix, Arizona. I remember receiving from her a most interesting letter. I could see her excitement in that letter. She wrote to me in that letter saying that about 10 days before, she had distinctively observed a silvery, metallic, "flying saucer"-shaped object (with a dome) hovering just over a crowded railway station in Yokohama.
It was in broad daylight, around 11:30 a.m. She described the object incredibly as a typical, "flying saucer", just as "flying saucers" have always been depicted in comic books or in Sci-Fi movies.
She said in the letter that it happened while she and her grandson were walking away from the railroad station and walking towards home. She felt as if "something had told her" to turn around and look back towards the railway station. And, Lord, behold, right over the station, she suddenly saw this shiny, silverish, metallic, typical "flying saucer" with a dome hovering over! She immediately pointed to her grandson to turn around and look, and at that very moment, the object was gone.....vanished!
The street was filled with people coming from and going to the railway station. She was so awe-struck that she didn't even notice anyone observing the object.

My mother had always been skeptical and always used to ridicule my serious interest in "UFOs". (In my childhood years, I had always taken a great interest in "UFOs" or "flying saucers", as they were called then, ever since my father had told me of his sighting of a strange, greenish "ball of fire" slowing moving over Yokohama bay one summer night in 1947, as he was night-fishing, his favorite hobby of many many years. He swore that the object seemed as if it were "intelligently controlled" or "intelligently maneuvering". He said he had never seen anything like it before. My father had passed away in 1982).

But getting back to my mother, her amazing sighting totally made her a believer. Do I believe her sighting? By all means, yes. I have the highest respect for my mother and I totally believe what she said in the letter. I visited my mother a few years later and she confirmed her sighting right to the dot. There is no doubt in my mind that she did see what she said she saw. But what do I think the "flying saucer" she saw is?

After more than 45 years of research behind the UFO phenomenon, I have yet to come to any definitive conclusion as to what UFOs are. Is it a physical phenomenon? a religious apparition? I have no idea. But I can definitely state that I believe my mother saw a "flying saucer".
This is why when a group of experienced pilots and several United Airlines employees reported that they had witnessed a metallic, saucer-shaped object hovering over Chicago's O'Hare International Airport last November in the late afternoon, I truly believe that they did see what they said they saw, i.e., a metallic, saucer-shaped object....and nothing else. Again, as to what "flying saucers" really are, I haven't the slightest idea, even after more than 45 years of research.

During my 45 years of research, I have read hundreds and hundreds of sighting reports, analyzed hundreds of documents, seen many many footages of sightings, personally experienced a few sightings which I could not readily explain, interviewed hundreds of eyewitnesses (including some so-called "abductees") and traveled far and wide to many sightings locations in both Japan and the United States. (I even visited Mexico, Chile and Argentina.)

Surprising as it may sound, after all these personal efforts of many years, I cannot even come close to stating what is behind the UFO phenomena. It still remains a mystery to me.
However, after all these years, the bottom line in my view is that we have yet to come up with a single physical, solid, hard, tangible, irrefutable evidence to prove that the UFO phenomena are physical manifestations of physical extraterrestrial intelligent entities from beyond this earth.
I am not saying that the UFO phenomena do not exist. I am simply saying that empirical science, the only discipline available so far that we can rely on to determine a phyiscal existence of a phenomenon, has not come up with any concrete evidence to prove beyond a shadow of doubt that "UFOs" are "nuts-and-bolts" physical craft operated or manipulated and occupied by physical entities from adavanced extrraterrestrial civilizations.

This is why I came to believe that the entire phenomena could even be some form of religious manifestations or religious manipulations by a power which we cannot comprehend simply by physical pursuit, a power which apparently is capable of presenting an "instant" (but only "temporay") "appearance" or "illusion" of being a physical phenomenon to the observer. Some suggest that it could even be a momentary, holographic intrusion from "parallel intelligence". Some others even suggest that it could perhaps be some form of "time-slip", interdimensional "accident". We just don't have the answer.
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Reverend Ovni said...

My cousin saw one with his mom at a very early age in Dunmore PA in the 50's. He ended up going into the USAF and was very high up in intelligence. I also talked to his mom about it and she vividly remembered it and described it in detail to me. It was hovering at rooftop levels. That was not his last experience either.

lisagee1234 said...

I seen the GIANT triangle in the 80's in Arizona.