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Some old but fascinating reports from Dulce, New Mexico residents

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Here are some old but fascinating UFO sighting reports from Dulce, New Mexico residents.

The first one is actually a quote from an article written by reporter Tom Sharpe* that appeared on April 5, 1996 on Albuquerque Journal:


"Darren Vigil Gray says that in the late 1960s, when he was a fourth-grader on the Jicarilla Apache Reservation in northern Rio Arriba County, he saw a flying saucer on his way to parochial school about 6:30 a.m.
A "dirty metallic colored" disk about 20 feet in diameter passed about 50 feet in the air over his school bus between Dulce and Lumberton, he said.

"It created all this chaos on the bus", Gary said. He said his brother, then a sixth-grader, yelled, "It's a flying saucer", but the priest driving the van didn't stop to investigate the phenomenon and instead stepped on the gas.
Gray said the disk appeared to come from Archuleta Mesa and continued for several miles over the low hills south of the highway.
He said cattle mutilations soon began to be reported in the same area, and the mesa was said to be a sort of UFO base.
"The experience really changed my whole scope", said Gray, now a well-known artist in Santa Fe.


This is quite interesting because according to researcher Anthony Sanchez, an alleged former Air Force Colonel in California told Sanchez that one of the entrances to the base is located between the eastern slope of Archuleta Mesa and County Road 357 near the Colorado state line. County Road 357 going north starts on Highway 64 in Lumberton. Lumberton does have a well-known Catholic school and I clearly remember a teacher from that school testified at the 2009 Dulce base conference (held in Dulce, New Mexico) about some interesting artistic imagery (relating to many UFO sightings in that area) created by many children who attended that school.

I also just recently learned that one of the sons of Manuel Gomez (formerly the largest rancher in the Dulce area) was also in the same bus with Darren Vigil Gray.
Now a good colleague of mine and fellow researcher, he personally described to me the metallic, disc-shaped object that he saw from inside the same bus that morning.
According to him, the object was flying slightly above Highway 64.....only less than 10 feet above the highway.....and this took place between Dulce and Lumberton.
He told me that the bus driver, a priest from the Catholic school in Lumberton, got so scared that he began to step on the gas pedal and sped toward the school in Lumberton.

The following interviews were conducted by members of the Aztec UFO Oral History Project. Many thanks to the Aztec UFO Oral History Project for preserving these fascinating reports:

Here is a January, 2000 interview with Lloyd Tiznado regarding UFO activity in Dulce, New Mexico:

What is particularly interesting in the above interview is that the interviewee mentions about a possible UFO base south of Dulce between Dulce and Gobernador.
This is just south of Highway 64 and southwest from the juncture of Highway 64 and Highway 537.
Again, according to researcher Anthony Sanchez, an alleged former Air Force Colonel in California claimed to have stated that the third underground installation was right near Ground Zero area of the 1967 underground nuclear explosion. The colonel will not give the exact co-ordinates to the entrance of this third installation but he hints that it is not too far from Ground Zero.

By the way, here is how to get to the Ground Zero area of the 1967 underground nuclear explosion site:

From U.S. Highway 64 going southwest from Dulce, go past the juncture of Highway 64 and Highway 537. Keep on going for about another 6 and a half miles.
Then turn south onto BIA-J10.
After a little over 7 miles, bear right at the fork in the road.
Stay on this road.
You will enter Carson National Forest, and it's another half-mile to Ground Zero, where there is a U.S. government plaque.

Here is a June, 2001 interview with Brian from Dulce:
http://www.aztecufo.com/ufooralhistory/oral13.htmand, finally,

Here is a 2001 interview with Bernadette regarding underground noises in Dulce, New Mexico:


*Former Albuquerque Journal reporter, Tom Sharpe, seemed to have believed that one of the origins of the rumors about the Dulce underground base and tunnels may have stemmed from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' works on the San Juan-Chama Diversion Project (which may have started in the mid 1960s), involving some 100 miles of deep tunnels to channel water from the west side of the Continental Divide (near Dulce) to the east side.

Others trace the rumors to the 1967 underground experimental nuclear blast which took place about 22 miles southwest of Dulce. This U.S. governmental experiment, carried out by the Atomic Energy Commision, was called Project Gasbuggy and was purportedly conducted to ease the flow of natural gas in that region.
Some say that this may have caused creation of further cavities in that region, facilitating the creation of underground tunnels in that area.

On top of all this came the cattle mutilations which seemed to have started in the mid 1970s in that area, giving rise to the rumors about the already existent "alien" involvement in all of this.



silas said...

Norio Enjoyed your "Thoughts" on Dulce. I have had an attraction for this place, although perhaps not a healthy one, since November 2008 when I first visited the place.

Norio Hayakawa's Thoughts said...

Thanks, Silas, for your comment.
Yes, I do feel that this place attracts some people.
Like I said many times before, it is my personal belief that there is "something" there.