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My perspective on the UFO phenomenon

from Norio Hayakawa at Civilian Intelligence Central

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November 14, 2010

My perspective on the UFO phenomenon is based on the propositions made by both Dr. Jacques Vallee and Tomas Scolarici (a.k.a., James Black):

1. "The things we call unidentified flying objects are neither objects nor flying.
They can materialize, as some reliable photographs seem to show, and they violate the laws of motion as we know them".
(QUOTE from Dr. Jacques Vallee's acclaimed book, DIMENSIONS)

2. "Those unidentified flying objects that remain UNIDENTIFIED and challenge any natural definition, are not a new phenomenon.
These "Entities" are with us from the beginning of our historical times, and perhaps before."
(QUOTE from Tomas Solarici, a.k.a., James Black).

"UFOs have been seen throughout history and have consistently received (or provided) their own explanation within the framework of each culture.
In antiquity their occupants were regarded as gods; in medieval times, as magicians; in the nineteenth century, as scientific geniuses; in our own time, as interplanetary travelers.
(Statements made by occupants of the 1897 airship included such declarations as 'We are from Kansas' and even 'We are from anywhere....but we'll be in Greece tomorrow')"
(QUOTE from Dr. Jacques Vallee's acclaimed book, DIMENSIONS)

3. "UFO reports are not necessarily caused by visits from space travelers. The phenomenon could be a manifestation of a much more complex technology. If time and space are not as simple in structure as physicists have assumed until now, then the question 'Where do they come from?' may be meaningless; they could come from a place in time. If consciousness can be manifested outside the body, then the range of hypotheses can be even wider."
(QUOTE from Dr. Jacques Vallee's acclaimed book, DIMENSIONS)

"The extraterrestrial hypothesis is not satisfactory at all. The time travelers hypothesis about UFOs, is better than the extraterrestrial one, but in no way answers all our questions".
(QUOTE from Tomas Solarici, a.k.a., James Black).

4) "The key to an understanding of the phenomenon lies in the psychic effects it produces (or the psychic awareness it makes possible) in its observers.
Their lives are often deeply changed, and they develop unusual talents with which they may find it difficult to cope.
The proportion of witnesses who do come forward and publish accounts of these experiences is quite low; most of them choose to remain silent".
(QUOTE from Dr. Jacques Vallee's acclaimed book, DIMENSIONS)

5) "Contact between human percipients and the UFO phenomenon always occurs under conditions controlled by the latter. Its characteristic feature is a factor of absurdity that leads to a rejection of the story by the upper layers of the target society and an absorption at a deep unconscious level of the symbols conveyed by the encounter.
The mechanism of this resonance between the UFO symbol and the archetypes of the human unconscious has been abundantly demonstrated by Carl Jung, whose book FLYING SAUCERS makes many references to the age-old significance of the signs in the sky".
(QUOTE from Dr. Jacques Vallee's acclaimed book, DIMENSIONS)

"The UFO phenomenon COEXISTS with us, humans.
The UFO phenomenon is with us, was with our ancestors and will be in the future without changes.
These "Entities" have no need, or are not interested, or cannot openly contact us"
(QUOTE from Tomas Solarici, a.k.a., James Black).

6) "It's possible that the complexity of the UFO phenomenon makes any understanding impossible.
Nobody knows what the UFO phenomenon is, and probably we will never know more"
(QUOTE from Tomas Solarici, a.k.a., James Black).

7) "The UFO phenomenon is not a threat to our security.
The same phenomenon neither was a threat for the Sumerians or Romans, or Indians".
(QUOTE from Tomas Solarici, a.k.a., James Black).

8) "There is no such thing as a cover-up, and the authorities know as little about the nature of the UFO phenomenon as ourselves.
They learned however that the UFO phenomenon is not a threat for our Security".
(QUOTE from Tomas Solarici, a.k.a., James Black).

I am in total agreement with both Dr. Jacques Vallee and Tomas Solarici, a.k.a., James Black.
Yes, they summarize my personal position on the entire UFO phenomenon.
This is the reason why, in my opinion, there will be no such thing as DISCLOSURE by the government.
Sure, the governments of the world could release ALL files on UFO sightings anytime, if they wish to.
However, just releasing such files will do absolutely nothing, since the public will clamor for the explanations as to what the UFO phenomenon is.
The government is only responsible for explaining things that deal with physical, tangible, solid, empirical evidence as we know them.
Anything else, the governmet is not in the business of dealing with.
If there will be any DISCLOSURE, it will come directly from the "Entities" themselves or from a paradigm-shifted majority of mankind (which has not happened yet).

Norio Hayakawa


Although some people may label me as a UFO skeptic, I have never been (and will never be) a UFO debunker.

I have researched the phenomenon for more than 45 years, and although it seems (at least to me) that there appears to be no physical, tangible, irrefutable evidence whatsoever that we have ever been visited by physical extraterrestrials in physical UFOs, I have never been (and will never be) a debunker.

The UFO phenomenon and the "belief in UFOs" (as physical spacecraft piloted or maneuvered by physical aliens from elsewhere in the universe) are separate matters.

It is highly likely that the U.S. intelligence communities as well as the military have manipulated (and in some instances even created) a segment of the population's "belief in UFOs" as part of counter intelligence operations. Many defense contractors still continue to create cover stories to conceal or detract attention away from public's scrutiny of sensitive defense programs.
Yes, people's "belief in UFOs" is a very important factor in all of this.

What about alien visitations?
As most UFO enthusiasts have heard already, theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking (one of the most brilliant minds of our time) recently made several statements suggesting that there OUGHT to be extraterrestrial life and civilization elsewhere in this vast universe.

But he also made a puzzling statement (a statement which has not been popular with most UFO enthusiasts) saying that "aliens have never visited earth in UFOs and will never visit earth in UFOs".

Here is what he said: "I discount suggestions that UFOs contain beings from outer space. I think any visits by aliens would be much more obvious, and probably also, much more unpleasant."

"What is the explanation of why we have not been visited? One possibility is that the argument about the appearance of life on Earth, is wrong. Maybe the probability of life spontaneously appearing is so low, that Earth is the only planet in the galaxy, or in the observable universe, in which it happened. Another possibility is that there was a reasonable probability of forming self reproducing systems, like cells, but that most of these forms of life did not evolve intelligence."

"I am discounting reports of UFOs".
So, basically, Stephen Hawking thinks aliens exist somewhere in the universe but doesn't believe any are visiting us.

Stephen Hawking is not only skeptical about UFOs but also about alien abductions.

Yes, it is true that I consider myself a UFO skeptic when it comes to alien visitations.
I was a strong proponent of the E.T. hypothesis of the origins of UFOs up till the late 1970s when I began to abandon that theory. That was when I became a UFO skeptic.
But I consider myself a "healthy" skeptic.
That is to say, my policy is to give an opportunity to any sincere researcher to express their viewpoints, even if I may not agree with them.

Do I believe in the existence of "underground bases"?
Yes, certainly I believe that there may be "underground bases", large and small, in many locations but personally I tend to believe that those are government/military/scientific installations or laboratories that have nothing to do with aliens.
I still maintain that if, for example, the alleged Dulce underground installations in New Mexico really exist, they would most likely be related to the U.S. government's biological warfare research facilities.
However, as difficult as this may be for me to say, I do not rule out anything.

Yes, "healthy" skepticism is very important because it does not completely leave the door closed.
The door must be kept open, even slightly, for any possibility.
I am a believer in open platforms so that people with other viewpoints could freely express their opinions.



me said...

If the ufo phenomenon was not a threat to the Sumerians; Romans, or Indians, why dont these civilisations exist now ?

Who knows exactly what happened to the Romans and the Sunerians but The Indians were destroyed by more advanced civilizations, could it be that aliens had a hand in advancing these civilisations and therefore were indirectly responsible for the decline of the Indians

Norio Hayakawa's Thoughts said...

In my opinion, the reason why civilizations such as the Sumerians, Romans, etc., do not exist now has nothing to do with the UFO phenomenon.

I believe that when Tomas Solarici was referring to the Indians, he was referring to the civilization of India, not American Indians.

I am not even certain if "aliens" or "UFOs" (as extraterrestrial physical spacecraft) even exist at all.

muzuzuzus said...

I think the real meaning of 'sceptic' is not to jump to ANY colcusions be they Vallee's Black's Hawking's etc etc?
As much as I respect the input of the likes of Jacques Vallee, I think that his theories do not seem to accept anomalies that contradict them. THAT is the danger of setting down 'commandments' what this phenomena really is--as though (the hidden premise being) that it can only be one thing, or two things.

Is it not se that science does not know what consciousness is NOR what matter is, so how can Vallee and Hawkings etc KNOW?

There are reports contactees of UFOs have been burnt, or affected in some way, by contact with craft and beams. So you are going to say to them...what?

There is a famous UFo encounter of --i think FIVE artists--who are on a river in the country side who all see a UFO, one in the boat flashes a torch at it, and it follows them. Next they lose time and in later hypnotic regression all report similar harrowing experiences. What do we say to them? That UFOs dont really exist--in 'physical reality'?

I understand you accept a mulitdimensional reality, but you seem to be confused with how THIS reality is in continuum with these other possible realities. I am not sure if I am clear, but your chosen mentors' theories seekm confused to me and jump to conclusions. And you cant jump to conclusions.

Also what do you mean they have not made any contact (Hawkings said same, etc)--What about the research from Robert Hastings that show UFOs seem not only concerned with the MIC's use of nuclear weaponry but have actively tried to disengage it. If so is THAT not contact?

Also in abduction cases where people have been warned about the damge humans are doing to planet Earth--is that not true, and is that NOT contact? It is *deeper* contact than we get from the ecocidal corporations and their politicians!

Wesley said...

If you would only read your Bible you would see that the OFO phenom. is nothing more than demons doing the work of satan. All the "abductions" are nothing more than demons trying to figure out a way to produce a race of mutant humans like they did in the old testament. The ufo's people see are when demons make themselves visable to humans. The bible is very clear that we fight a spiritual fight not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers.

muzuzuzus said...

Look, the worst 'demon' in your Bible is 'God' if you'd only see--and that 'God' is the invention of male priests cut off from their own feelings and connection with nature and women, and obsessed with power enslavement and war. So its a bit ironic to use it as your guide for the universe, and what UFOs etc may mean?
Also, where it says in it about principalities and powers it was referring to the Roman State powers not UFOs.

Anonymous said...

Scripture must always be taken 'in context' and not out of it. Ephesians 6:12: "For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the powers, against the world-rulers of this darkness, against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places" (American Standard Version). Clearly we are told it is not those of flesh and blood we are fighting but the spiritual beings who rule this world. I agree with Norio that 'UFO's' are NOT what they 'appear' to be and are just the same old enemy in a new disguise.

muzuzuzus said...

King James version: "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."

And what mindset was saying this? Whyu the one who believes in the Devil and God. In good versus evil, and informing that Christian belief is the Gnostic belief that the God of the Bible is an evil God who created this world and thus the humn's spirit is trapped and needs release.

Is this in context enough for you?

Now have things changed? NO. We KNOW that there exists a 'hidden in plain sight' elite which practises the occult, and plan terrible bloody mass murders of innocent people, and children, and wars, etc etc. So we would be right to call these people spiritually evil. But to go from there and insist that their beliefs are REAL, and that there DO exist ACTUAL spirits that are evil is not what I am doing. because that is THEIR worldview. Understand? Their belief gives them their ugly worldview, and they impose it on us, some very bloodily. But for me then to believe what they believe is not resolving the problem but excacerbating. Rather I keep my focus on the flesh and blood sorry humans who in their dehumanized way try and create hellish existence for everyone--all of nature. It is better to see THROUGH their myth than accept it as real. said...

Norio - thanks for your perspective. Here is where I stand on your 8 points:

(1) Yes
(2) Yes
(3) Yes
(4) Yes
(5) Yes

(6) Not necessarily true. From empirical perspective you are correct, the nature of UFOs cannot be proven or disproven just as God cannot be proven or disproven empirically. However, we can say the same thing about the Theory of Everything and everything else. This is why Steve Hawking is a positivist. Since the final reference point (God) cannot be proven, nothing else can be proven empirically. On the other hand,
there is strong inference that UFO's aren't extraterrestrial. There is likewise strong inference that UFO's have a penchant for being Messengers of Deception. In other words, Alienology and Demonology parallel one another, inferring one is a different manifestation of the other.

(7) No. Read Jacques Vallee's "Confrontations" the third in his UFO trilogy. This shows at the minimum UFO's hurt people, and perhaps cause death. Read John Keel for many examples how UFO's are compared to Black Magic, dangerous and even perpetrate murder. Remember Vallee, Hynek and Keel were the original three who proposed the Paraphysical Hypothesis as opposed to ETH.

(8) No. There are many examples historical and contemporary that show gov't-military-intelligence hidden knowledge of and connection with psychic projects e.g. alchemy of old, Stargate, Mankind Research
Unlimited, Nazi Germany, Babylonian Mystery Religions etc. We tend to forget history, and are therefore prone to repeat it. The prophetic picture supports this viewpoint. On the otherhand, the UFO icons such as Roswell, Hanger 18, Area 51 and Dulche etc. show the gov't plays both ends of the UFO enigma. They both deny and affirm UFO's for their own ends. I agree with you, Norio, that there is no such thing as gov't disclosure. They are complicit in the UFO game. They cannot come clean no matter how much the people want them to, similar to the JFK conspiracy. They must always describe the emperor's beautiful clothing, while never drawing attention to the nakedness.

Unknown said...

Aliens are Fallen Angels and they NEVER have had anything good planned for mankind. If they had something good for us then why haven't they helped us?

Anonymous said...

Hi there. I've witnessed so many UFO's it's not funny. I've come to the conclusion that they amount, predominantly, to visual hallucinations imparted via mind control technology.

Personally, I think it's a bit of a frame job, most likely involving the US intelligence community, related to what could be a planned first contact.

muzuzuzus said...

I am wary of mono anything including theories. IF we posit it is *JUST* as you say then this does not account for anomalies that contradict that monotheory.