Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Strange hum reported northwest of Dulce, New Mexico


Here is an interesting item from the PAGOSA SPRINGS SUN newspaper, dated:
October 8, 2009.

Appeared on the Letter to the Editor section
written by Ron Alexander.



Dear Editor:

I thought I would pose a question to drive the Pagosa Springs area residents mad with thought. What is the source of the constant low frequency noise heard from Kenny Flats all the way to Juanita and beyond?

The noise can be heard by most people in their vehicles when the engine is turned off.
Using a low-frequency noise meter, as I used, the noise will show a constant 56 decibels in the C range.

Not all people can hear low frequency, but an example of low-frequency noise is the common home generator that is used throughout the county.

Yet, I believe this is not the source of the noise in the Coyote Park region.
The noise I'm referring to is only heard by about 60 percent of the public and those with bad hearing are blessed from hearing this constant, inescapable noise.

Low-frequency noise caused by gas well compressors stations such as is found at Fawcett Gulch on Colo. 151 can be heard for many miles and will drive people out of their homes.
In the right conditions, such as in desert environments, low-frequency noise produced by these compressors carries for 20 miles.
This noise is the EPA's number-one complaint.

Low frequency is also produced by tunneling machines.
This is what I believe is the source of the noise throughout the region of Archuleta County.
If you doubt the noise exists, go listen for yourself, for I doubt it has gone away.
I think the government is building huge underground complexes in the sandstone bedrock or even under Archuleta Mountain. The noise is 24/7.
If you're a reporter, go ask the local ranchers of the area and residents if they hear the noise.
It's a great mystery worth investigating.
Ron ALexander


Indeed, this is a fascinating report, relevant to the whole Dulce, New Mexico rumors, as well as rumors about southern Colorado's reportedly strange goings-on (cattle mutilations and what not) and even stretching out into the rumors about Denver International Airport's alleged underground complexes and the ongoing huge construction projects next to the airport.
Is there something going on?

It is a well-known fact that from around the late 1980s to the early 1990s, many people in and near Taos, New Mexico began to report similar strange, low-frequency hums. I had made some comments in the mid-1990s that even though the Sandia Laboratories and Phillips Laboratories, (both at Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque) were called up to investigate the phenomenon, that perhaps it was the Sandia Laboratories themselves that may have been the culprit, since I had suspected that some type of tunneling projects may have been going on near and under the whole Taos region.

I had also suspected that perhaps Sandia Labs were experimenting with ELF manipulations in that area. But then I began to hear about low humming sounds in the mid 1990s occurring near the coast of California, near such places as Lompoc and even near Vandenberg Rocket Launching Complexes. It was called the mysterious "Pacific Hum".

At this point in time, I still have no definite idea of what the hums could be.
It is a mystery.




Mango said...

im sure you are aware, but havent these types of Hum's been happening in New Mexico for some time now? i want to say it was the Toas humming...i just double checked and it is in fact Toas, New Mexico where other reports have been. and as far as the DIA is concerned, i believe it is most certainly an underground base. perhaps a location to work with UFO phenomenon or, most in tune with 2012, a bunker for the who's who to survive any impending doom, which may or may not be coming. i lean to the side of not coming. at least nothing natural...something will happen in 2012 but it will be because of the wishes of those in power. great site, i know its a lot of work keep it up!

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