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Interesting report from Dulce, New Mexico

from Norio Hayakawa at Civilian Intelligence Central

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November 6, 2011:


November 3, 2011

DULCE, NEW MEXICO -- An interesting report was given to me by Anthony F. Sanchez, author of the controversial book UFO HIGHWAY,


10/21: Former Governor Jesse Ventura was denied access to the Jicarilla Reservation. He was given a token Bigfoot expert of the area and was told to shoot off the reservation.....I am not sure why the Governor was denied access to film there.

10/24 @ 2:30 A.M......I arrive to Dulce with my cameraman.

@8:00 A.M....I am in a sit down meeting with the Tribal Council President and Public Relations Officer....they get my printed book, said they each read the PDF already and then they drop a bombshell on me....they give me unprecedented access to the reservation, specifically the Archuleta Mesa.

@10:00 A.M.....I begin my investigation. A seven year veteran Jicarilla police officer, and now a professional hunting guide, is escorting me in a 4 X 4 up to the top of the mesa, using a road known only to a few people on the reservation...No one uses it....He takes me to the top of the Mesa up onto the pleateau.

SIDE NOTE: He tells me about a recent encounter with two Phoenix Suns basketball players and himself who were accosted by three military personnel...they were told that they were violating a RESTRICTED AREA and needed to vacate the area immediately....when he protested, stating that this was sovereign Jicarilla land, they responded, "Today this is a RESTRICTED AREA, leave now".....they then point AR-15 rifles at all three of them...this happened in June of this year, guide says he had similar reports from all over the reservation that same week.

...So, as he tells us that story, and as we are driving up already at the top just a short distance from the radio towers, I spot two strange objects painted military GREEN, and I can see they are plated with serial information....we take out our cameras and photo and video them....I noticed that it was U.S. Government Property (it literally said that) on the Mesa.....we are just 1600 feet away from the radio towers (I have film)....Do you realize what this means?...IT IS PROOF THEY ARE THERE.

My guide assured me that no one else has EVER found MILITARY GRADE materials up on the mesa....not a Jicarilla, not anyone.

We also surveyed the 1996 UFO CRASH SITE.....we photographed that too.....I HAVE A NEW DATA FOR YOU: Residents said that in 1996 a COPPER DISC was seen crashing into the was 150 ft. wide in circumference.....cameras were taken from them by military and tribabl police, under order from the military...they said that the night it happened, the mesa area was cordoned off as a perimeter was set up....they also said that the military came to remove the crash evidence....for weeks after they said Black SUVs were seen in the area.

The source for this info was THREE Jicarilla families who I interviewed, and a current Chief of Police (I am not allowed to say from where) but who was a Jicarilla Police officer at the time...(this man told me of a FACILITY ENTRANCE on the southwest of the Mesa with HOLOGRAPHIC ENTRANCE POINTS, that they have video of Grey Craft (not military) and much more....This man is the REAL DEAL...he and I had DINNER with (name withheld) in Taos at the ASPE Event.....she is my proof...

His two sons were in attendance at the meeting, also sharing personal stories with me and my cameraman, Ric Prestel (Sacramento MUFON)....I have 19 drawings/sketches from this God, one of the CRAFT he describes matches exactly to a PAUL BENNEWITZ sketch...and it matches the COLONEL's descriptions of purplish/lavender lighting...and GREYS.

I learned from this man who the TWO PEOPLE WERE who were at the Dulce Facility in 1979...he says he SWEARS tha these two men admitted to him that they were helicoptered to a secret facility on the southwest area of the MESA....then they said to him that they were passed through a massive holographic entrance (that it had actual doors, but that when opened it projected a FAKE columnar basalt wall...holographic!) was NM State Police Officer and the other one was Jicarilla Apache Police Officer (names withheld).

He said that there is another entrance just below the RADIO TOWERS too.



Two days after investigating the Mesa, my face became paralyzed on the left side.

But it gets even stranger...doctors are assuring me that I did not have a stroke causing the Facial Paralysis (that is the good news)...but they are saying that the findings from their blood tests are showing that I was exposed to some unknown neurological bio-agent....they told me today (in California) that whatever it is that is afflicting me, is beyond anything they have ever seen.

Care to guess who did this to me? Strange but it was just two days after I discovered the U.S. Government property atop the Archuleta Mesa that this shit happened to me...I hope I recover...

I am in a lot of pain right now....I wish I could tell more, but I have to sleep....

Anthony Sanchez


All I did here was to QUOTE from Anthony Sanchez who sent the above report to me.


Sanchez now says that these are Military-Grade Steel Shipping Containers used for F-5 Jet Engines. They are marked with U.S. Government Property serial plates and contain a wealth of data which he is still researching.

-from Norio Hayakawa


Kandinsky said...

Mr Sanchez tells a fine tale. I could be mistaken - is it the late Gabe Valdez he is seeking to implicate in these new revelations? I understand one of his sons is also a police officer in the area.

If this is the case, I think it's in bad taste for Mr Sanchez to be placing persons no longer with us in his scenarios. They don't have the luxury of rebuttal or consent.

Of course, it's Mr Sanchez' prerogative to upload his video and photos to substantiate his claims as he chooses.

Likewise, he could present the supposed medical report whereby a Doctor was able to identify an 'unknown neurological bio-agent' as a cause of his alleged facial paralysis.

Unfortunately, after previous interactions with Mr Sanchez, I've found his tendency towards dishonesty discouraging.

Anonymous said...

Dir sir,

If you listen to the Pippin interview where the report given to Norio originates from, you will learn that at no point did I ever implicate any one person by name. To point, in the interview I emphatically state that the New Mexico State Police Officer was NOT the late Mr. Gabe Valdez.

Further more, the photos have been published and the data substantiated. The video has been sent to trusted researchers.

My medical records are mine and not for public consumption. Should you wish to publish your medical history, please make them available.

And finally, I have no idea who you are, as we have NEVER met. So you see, with your irresponsible comment here, what you have done is expose yourself as a liar. Therefore it is you who shows a tendency for untruth.

Good day.

Anonymous said...

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