Monday, June 21, 2010

Strange But True Fact.....Area 51 and its strange relationship with the Lincoln County Sheriff Dept.

Nevada's Lincoln County Sheriff Department had a cozy relationship with the Air Force and its notorious Area 51 base. (They still do, even today, in many ways).
The Sheriff Dept. used to be compensated by the Air Force $80,000 a year just to interrogate people who drove on public land near the Eastern boundary line.
Lincoln County Sheriff Dept's phone number still reflects this long-time relationship.
The last 4 digits of their phone number ends in 5151.
Just call them (775) 962-5151.

In the meantime, a private security force guarding the restricted boundary line can intimidate people but are not allowed to come in contact (i.e., they are forbidden to talk) with people.
Instead, they are ordered by their superiors to call the Lincoln County Sheriff Dept.
Then the Sheriff Dept. will obey the private security's command and will send a deputy or two to question the people.

A strange relationship and a strange chain of command, indeed!

You can call the Sheriff Dept. They may deny all of this, but again, they may not.

Norio Hayakawa

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