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My appearance on "Coast to Coast" talk radio show on March 16

from Norio Hayakawa at Civilian Intelligence Central

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This is to let everyone know that I was invited to be a guest on a talk radio show called "Coast to Coast" on Tuesday, March 16.

I believe that it was in 1995 that I was a guest on the same syndicated program, at that time, called "Dreamland", hosted by a gentleman named Art Bell.
It was quite enjoyable.

At that time I had a crazy two-hour video called "Secrets of Dreamland".
My main thesis on that talk show (and in that video) was that the covert government (if there were such a thing) would have sufficient technology to be able to artificially simulate or orchestrate a "fake" UFO threat to bring a forced global unity to the future world, should there be such a need.
My view on this has somewhat changed since 15 years ago.

Anyway, here is:

My appearance on "Coast to Coast" talk radio show on March 16, 2010

I shared some of the high strangeness encounters that I had experienced while researching two of my favorite topics: Area 51 and Dulce.

After more than 45 years of researching the UFO phenomenon, my hypothesis is that a conditioning of belief systems may have been carefully orchestrated towards a segment of the population since 1947 by a manipulative force that may be preparing mankind for a future paradigm shift and encounter.
Whether such a change in paradigm (mankind's consciousness, worldview and attitude) will come suddenly or in gradual steps, I don't know.
However, I believe that the ingrained and altered "realities" behind both Area 51 and Dulce may play a role in that scenario.
I will discuss those alternate "realities" that co-exist alongside the physical images of these locations.

In 2008 something told me to move from California to retire in New Mexico.
In my opinion, New Mexico may hold the key to the future destiny of mankind.

Some of the questions I answered in that program were:

1) Why is New Mexico so important in ufology?

2) Is there a physical, underground U.S./alien joint bio-lab in Dulce, New Mexico?

3) Is Area 51 in Nevada still active?

4) Do you believe that there have been any extraterrestrial technologies back-engineered in locations such as at Area 51?

5) What is your take on the alleged crash of an alien spacecraft near Roswell in 1947?
Was it a real event or a "staged" event, "staged" in collusion with an unknown force or intelligence?

6) Is the year 2012 of any significance in ufology?

7) Will there be a Disclosure by the government on UFOs?

8) Do you believe that there are actual, physical extraterrestrial craft being piloted or maneuvered by physical extraterrestrial entities from outer space?

and, finally,

9) What is your take on the so-called Project Blue Beam?

These are great questions that I tried to answer on that program.

Once again, you can hear that program right here:

My appearance on "Coast to Coast" talk radio show on March 16, 2010


-from Norio Hayakawa:

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