Monday, January 4, 2010

Curious spot on Archuleta Mesa, north of Dulce, New Mexico

Here is a curious spot located on the Colorado side of the Archuleta Mesa, north of Dulce, New Mexico:

The exact location of this spot is 37 degrees 01'05.53"N and 106 degrees 57'19.77"W, elevation 8443 ft.

I have been to Dulce several times before but I have never been on the Archuleta Mesa yet.
I have also seen the eastern view of the Mesa after crossing into the Colorado side (from Lumberton), but I wasn't aware about this spot on the mesa until last year when a friend of mine told me about it.

It is my understanding that this area (in Colorado) is under the jurisdiction of the Utes tribe and not the Jicarilla Apache Nation whose jurisdiction is in New Mexico side of the Archuleta Mesa.

Perhaps there may be nothing unusual about this spot, but I was just curious so I posted it on a YouTube format.

As long as there is no clear picture of this spot, my curiosity continues to linger on.

I am planning to fly over this area in a helicopter in the near future with some Jicarilla Apache friends of mine in Dulce but, in the meantime, to the first person who could provide me with a clear, close-up ground photo of this spot I will offer a reward.

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