Monday, October 5, 2009

Why I believe that full UFO "Disclosure" is almost impossible for the U.S. or other governments

by Norio Hayakawa
October 5, 2009

The recently aired TV documentary "I Know What I Saw" (shown on October 4, 2009 on the History Channel) was certainly one of the best for that genre.
However, it is my opinion that no matter how convincing (especially to the "believers") a documentary is made, we still have a long long ways to go before the mainstream will de-categorize UFOs and UFO-related topics from the realm of "pseudo-science" to mainstream reality.

The recent UFO files "disclosures" from France, Great Britain, etc. are definitely the right steps. Nevertheless, simply releasing such files to the public will do very little to make the vast majority of the public accept the reality of UFOs and its consequences.

First of all, what the public needs is an unprecedented official statement from the government that UFOs are real. But no government so far has officially come out and declared that UFOs are real. The difficulty is not only "logistics" involving such announcements. Which agency would make such announcements? And after such announcements are made, then what next?

Once such announcements are made, then the public will demand more. The public will not be satisfied simply by being told that the UFO phenomenon is real. They will demand answers and further explanations........and it is my opinion that NO GOVERNMENT (INCLUDING THE U.S. GOVERNMENT) will dare come up with explanations, simply because the governments themselves have always been baffled (and will continue to be baffled) by the paranormal, non-physical aspects and incomprehensible behavioral patterns of this phenomenon and the inscrutable (and even what could only be described as mischievous, illogical and occasionally even sinister) nature of some of the so-called "entities" who are supposedly piloting or maneuvering these objects.

The governments may even have realized that those "entities" may not even be "advanced" extra-terrestrial visitors at all but may even be some unknown, ultra-dimensional force playing some endless mind "games" with us and manipulating our belief systems for some unknown agenda.

Yes, we may have had thousands and thousands, perhaps even tens of thousands of qualified eye-witnesses to the phenomenon all these years, especially since the end of World War II and even before then.

But untold number of eye-witnesses does not necessarily prove that UFOs are physical, advanced extra-terrestrial spacecraft and that we are being visited by physical, advanced beings from outer space.

In more than 60 years of the so-called modern era of UFO sightings (and even before 1947), we have yet to come up with any single, solid, tangible, irrefutable physical evidence that we are being visited by such advanced, extra-terrestrial civilization.

Accounts of crashes of some of these objects (such as the alleged 1947 Roswell "incident") do not prove much. Moreover, it is my belief that such crashes are not likely, if we consider that these objects are from highly advanced civilizations.

For example, if the Roswell crash of 1947 really did happen, it may not even have been a totally physical incident and may have completely baffled the government. It may even have been intentionally "staged" by an unknown force (possibly in "forced"collusion with a small, secretive group within the government which may have been unwittingly but selectively contacted by such "unknown" force) as part of a gradual, conditioning of belief systems of the public in order to fulfill a future global agenda).

However, I cannot definitely state that this is so.

In any case, the bottom line is that the UFO phenomenon is real.

It is my opinion that the rest of the government ( i.e., the non-secretive majority among the elitist circles within the government) is not ready and will continue to be hesitant to explain that the phenomenon is more than physical and, furthermore, that it may not necessarily be of extra-terrestrial origin. Neither is the vast majority of the public ready to accept such realities unless there is a consciousness shift that will involve the whole humanity as a collective unit.

Simply stated, the government is not in the business of explaining paranormal realities such as possible ultra-dimensional realities. Such realities are intertwined with belief systems, including religious belief systems.

I truly hope for full Disclosure. However, only some unprecedented eschatological global crises or inexplicable global shift in consciousness may be the time when such Disclosures could be made for the benefit of humanity.

October 11, 2009:

Religion is indeed a thorny issue, no doubt about it. Religion is basically about beliefs.
In this sense, beliefs in UFOs (especially as physical spacecraft piloted by advanced, physical extra-terrestrial entities, hopefully to save our planet from eventual destruction and help us bring in the New Age) is, unfortunately, still no different from religious beliefs.

Therefore, if there ever will be a full UFO Disclosure that will validate such reality, then such religious beliefs will completely disappear.

The so-called Christian ufology seems to have made a definite inroad into this strange field, especially in recent years. Christian ufology, for the most part, postulates that UFOs are demonic manifestations of malevolent, fallen angels preparing to deceive mankind for the last time before Christ returns.

Many fundamentalist Christians also seem to hold the belief that two thirds of angelic entities in this entire universe are benevolent and that the remaining one third are the fallen entities that are deceptively posing as emissaries from advanced extra-terrestrial civilizations.

I began UFO research around 1962 and was a strong proponent of the E.T. hypothesis of the origins of UFOs. However, around 1978 I began to abandon such hypothesis.

I was affected by John A. Keel and others, such as Dr. Jacques Vallee who postulated that the UFO phenomenon may not necessarily be of E.T. origin.
The book that influenced me most was THE EDGE OF REALITY (1975), written by Dr. Vallee and Dr. Allen Hynek.

To be honest, even today I am uncertain as to what 'reality' really is.

John A. Keel once said that 'ufology' is equivalent to 'demonology'. And John A. Keel never even described himself as a Christian ufologist, nor has Dr. Vallee.
John A. Keel and Dr. Jacques Vallee remain two of my greatest heroes in ufology.

The bottom line is that we all need to look beyond our linear thinking and not be enslaved by the so-called empirical science and its methodology. We need to depart from the physical, nuts-and-bolts concept of ufology.

I do not mind the mainstream categorizing ufology as "pseudo-science". Moreover, what is more truly amazing is that the study of "dimensions", "parallel dimensions", "ultra-dimensionalities", etc. are part of quantum physics.

Therefore, surprisingly enough, there seems to be a fine line between "pseudo-science" and "dimensional" studies.

Finally, on a strange note, if a full UFO Disclosure really were to be made, it would have to be made either by the alleged UFO entities themselves or by the government, or possibly even together.

Personally I believe that the day that happens (whichever one will come out first to disclose) many people will feel that it will be one of the greatest days in earth's history. On the other hand, some other people may feel that it will be the beginning of the end of the system of things in an ominous way.

Whatever the case will be, EVERYTHING in this world will change forever from that point on....EVERYTHING !!


Joseph Capp said...

Dear Mr. Hayakawa,
Thank you for a well produced piece. You forgot to mention what would happen to fundamentalist religions if this announcement was made. Many evangelicals claim if ETs land they will just be demons in disguise leading people away from Jesus. Also the Roswell incident. The idea that an advance species were perfect is just not I beleive. ETs may have not experience radar for thousands of years. At the time of the Roswell incident new powerful Radar towers were turned on very close to the crash site. I know there is not conclusive evidence but for a long time no one looked.
Joe Capp
UFO Media Matters
Non-Commercial Blog

Norio Hayakawa's Thoughts said...

Thanks, Mr. Capp, for your good comment. I purposely refrained from bringing up the issue of Christian fundamentalist viewpoints. My biggest fear about all this was opening up a can of worms. You are absolutely right.

It is interesting, however, that authors such as John A. Keel (who never even claimed to have been associated with any so-called fundamentalist Christian beliefs,) strangely made a curious statement saying that "ufology is no different than demonology". We also know that Dr. Jacques Vallee was greatly influenced by John A. Keel.

But on the issue of radars, I have a difficult time conceptualizing the notion that advanced extraterrestrial civilizations had not already conquered such antiquated technologies as radar systems.

This is why I have a difficult time in theorizing that perhaps our radar systems did affect their propulsion systems or whatever.