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Strange behavior of Col. John Alexander in the early 1990's


The Civilian Intelligence Network's focus has been on the study of how a segment of the population's "beliefs in UFOs" (as physical alien spacecraft) may have been manipulated (and in some cases, may even have been created) and taken advantage of by the U.S. intelligence community and by the military in certain counter intelligence programs and operations.

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In the early 1990's I had a chance to visit a Col. John Alexander at his office in Las Vegas.
Apparently he had just moved in to that office there.

He was quite cordial.

We asked him some questions about non-lethal weapons systems and their applications.

I even asked him a couple of questions about "thanatology".
It was quite interesting.

However, towards the end of the interview we asked him a question about "UFOs".
As soon as he heard us mention "UFOs", his attitude suddenly changed and he became totally upset.
He then scolded us and told us never to bring up that topic again.
He said that he had absolutely no interest in "UFOs".

Anyway, upon leaving his office (after we apologized to him) , he led us the way out of his office.
As soon as he started walking towards the hallway to lead us out of his office, I instantly went behind his desk and had a quick look at his computer screen.
To my amazement, his computer screen showed a partial list of UFO organizations and researchers.
To this day, I have no idea what to think of him and this experience there in his office.

This is why I still have a difficult time trusting the ultimate goal of organizations such as the National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS), financed and headed by Robert Bigelow of Las Vegas.
Col. John Alexander was under the payroll of Robert Bigelow in the 1990s.
(He still may be, even today).
My fear has been that the goal of NIDS is to dominate and control the flow of UFO information and to infiltrate organizations such as MUFON, through their vast financial resources.
I could have been wrong on this. I still am not sure.


By the way, here is the response I got from Col. Alexander:

You are lying. Have no idea why. I've always been open to discussing UFO topic.
Your blog piece is mostly fabrication.
If you believe what you wrote, run, don't walk for the nearest shrink.
Feel free to post that.
John Alexander

There was no fabrication. I simply reported my experience at his office. I was right there with 3 Japanese journalists/researchers. How can I forget that experience!


Norio Hayakawa's Thoughts said...

from James Reynolds:

"It was interesting about the military guy who got upset at you bringing up the UFO subject...and then, that you got a glimps of his computer screen and saw UFO items on his"

Anonymous said...

Bahahaha! I think you scared the stuffing out of him! Since the info was already on his computer, but you did not see it until after the fact, he probably thought you had psy abilities, and could see what what in his mind and on the pc screen from across the room (or whrever you were standing).